ARTS THREAD media has been created as an online educational tool designed to connect students, graduates, universities and industry, exclusively within the field of design.

For the first time ever, creative students, universities, industries and schools can network worldwide.


  • ARTS THREAD brings the global creative industry to your door.
  • We offer an individual well-designed online portfolio that truly promotes you- the graduate-to a Global audience.
  • Our vast database of creative clients worldwide are looking for new graduates, Interns and freelancers.
  • Global reach of extra benefits: information on current design grants, competitions, internships and exhibitions, as well as practical how- to guides and live forums where International students can interact.


  • ARTS THREAD offers the opportunity to promote your own specific courses, showcasing your graduates’ portfolios to a global audience.
  • The site acts as a tool for BA and MA student recruitment, as well as marketing the course to industry for sponsorships and internships.
  • You have the opportunity of live broadcasts, enabling pre-university students to see lectures and tours of the facilities wherever they may be in the world.


  • ARTS THREAD is a free recruitment tool that allows you to channel directly through to the portfolios of the most talented graduates – by specific specialism and university.
  • Global industry professionals will have the luxury of viewing these portfolios free of charge and in a time and place that’s right for them.
  • Through ARTS THREAD industry can network with universities to have the benefit of internships from the top students worldwide.
  • We offer an unrivalled insight into the latest trends in graduate design.


  • For FE colleges, schools, pre-university students and their parents, ARTS THREAD offers the opportunity to view online the graduate work and course details of art and design universities and colleges.
  • View and compare the graduate portfolios and course/program information from leading universities to make an informed choice as to the best course/program and university.
  • Read practical pre-university guides: all created in association with leading university lecturers in the specialism.
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