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ARTS THREAD has partnered again with All Walks as the platform for the second edition of the competition Diversity Now!

See the work of last year’s finalists on the Diversity Now! posts on ARTS THREAD and on our Pinterest Diversity Now! board and see the winners on All Walks.

To enter the Diversity NOW! competition please register, activate your ARTS THREAD account via your email and then log into ARTS THREAD to upload your entry.

Download Competition Brief here.

Don’t forget to include your answer to the Diversity NOW question in your application – in the ARTS THREAD profile.

Question: Would seeing more diverse beauty and body ideals in the media impact positively on your self esteem? YES or NO – Please explain why you feel this.

Website: AllWalks
Age/location/experience: open to all students studying worldwide. Top 5 entries must be selected by tutors from participants in the Diversity NOW! Programme. If you are entering as an individual please include your tutor endorsement.

Already got an ARTS THREAD portfolio? To enter, simply log into your account, upload your design a new project, click on ‘Edit Profile’, scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the box marked ‘DiversityNow14′. Finally email us at diversitynow@artsthread.com to confirm your entry.

New to ARTS THREAD? To enter, register to create an ARTS THREAD account and at the bottom of the page tick the box marked ‘DiversityNow14′. Go to your email and click on the activation link sent to your email Inbox, then log into your account and upload your design as a project. Finally email us at diversitynow@artsthread.com to confirm your entry.

Want to maximize your chances? Read our ARTS THREAD guide to Competition entries

*Need help uploading? Read our ARTS THREAD FAQ guide and watch our video on How to reformat your images for online

Deadline: April 23 2014 (We have amended from April 21 to allow for Easter)
Prize: Diversity NOW! winners work showcased online in i-D Magazine, on ARTS THREAD, on All Walks Beyond the Catwalk website and potentially at Graduate Fashion Week 2014.

1 – How do I know I am entered into the Diversity Now! 2014 competition?
When you register http://www.artsthread.com/register click on the box at the bottom of the page ENTERING A COMPETITION OR PART OF AN EXHIBITION? Click Here – and tick the box marked DiversityNow14.

2 -Where do I write the answer to Question: Would seeing more diverse beauty and body ideals in the media impact positively on your self esteem?
Please write this answer at the top of the text box for your Project entry.

3 – I want to upload more projects – not just Diversity Now! – how do I do make sure the Diversity Now! and my other work is separate?
Make sure you write Diversity Now! in the title of the project you wish to enter for Diversity Now!

Diversity NOW! is the latest campaign from All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, the award winning campaign, founded by Caryn Franklin, Debra Bourne and Erin O’ Connor to use fashion for positive change. Over twenty leading universities nationwide have signed up to participate and more are expected.

The aim of this National Student Project is to empower the next generation of creatives, from all aspects of fashion – design, film, photography illustration and journalism to create a future that challenges current body and beauty ideals and by using their skills to broaden this vision and entering this Nationwide Student Competition: Diversity NOW!

Diversity NOW! is the latest project from All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, working successfully in education since June 2010, to encourage students to empathise and engage with a wider range of body and beauty ideals during their training. June 2011 saw the launch of The Edinburgh College of Art Diversity Network in association with All Walks Beyond the Catwalk run by Director Mal Burkinshaw. The centre is a hub for dynamic and creative thinking that recognizes the power fashion has to influence feelings and well-being.

At present most young creatives work exclusively with catwalk models and bust stands without ever including ordinary women or men of different sizes and ages in their learning.

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