How Does It Work?

ARTSTHREAD - How Does It Work?

“Artsthread is a great resource for RCA graduates to get their work seen by the right contacts in the creative industries. It also makes graduates aware of how to present their work professionally when they progress from university into their chosen career. The website is also an excellent tool for the College to promote our courses to young people looking to further their education in art and design.”

Sue Bradburn, Media Relations & Marketing Manager, Royal College of Art, London

An ARTS THREAD course/program promotion

  • Promotes your course/program to students who want to study design from around the world, as well as to the creative industry.
  • Visually inspires your future students through imagery and videos.
  • Allows you total control and flexibility – upload images and text into our simple CSM system.
  • Markets your course/program through the work of your recent graduates, who all receive a free online portfolio.
  • Gives you the opportunity of live broadcasts, enabling pre-university students to see lectures and tours of the facilities wherever they may be in the world.

 What do you get?

  • Customise your images in our flexible template.
  • Add videos that auto resize to fit.
  • Add as many of the current year’s graduates from the course onto your homepage as you wish.
  • Add information text promoting your course/program & celebrating your success stories.
  • Add as many links as you require to your own website, facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr pages.


ARTS THREAD course/program pages offers your university/college the opportunity to promote each course/program in its own individual manner, so that unique aspects of the tuition are highlighted and brought to life.

Our global network proactively brings prospective BA and MA students to your course/program pages, wherever they may be in the world.

The creative industries can view your course/program for future sponsorship and projects.

Success stories can be given the limelight to truly promote your courses/programs.

New course/programs can be promoted to raise awareness.

How much will this cost?

ARTS THREAD course/program pages are FREE for 12 months – from the date your pages go live.

How to Sign up?

Contact to register your course/program.

Once registration is arranged, you will receive log-in information and details on how to upload your course/program.