Jefferson Musanda
Fashion BFA

Pratt School of Design

Specialisms: Fashion: Womenswear / Fashion: Menswear

Location: New York, United States

Jefferson Musanda ArtsThread Profile
Pratt School of Design

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Jefferson Musanda

Jefferson Musanda ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Jefferson

Last Name: Musanda

Specialisms: Fashion: Womenswear / Fashion: Menswear

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

Location: New York, United States

University / College: Pratt School of Design

Course / Program Title: Fashion BFA

Website: Click To See Website


Jefferson Musanda began studying Fashion Design at Fisher college. While there he won the 2009 Student of the Year award and also acquired his Associates degree, finishing his Bachelors degree at Pratt Institute Brooklyn in May 2013. While at Pratt Institute dance continued to be a major influence in his designs, incorporating aerodynamic silhouettes, stretch panels in high stress areas to promote mobility with ease and clean ergonomic lines that compliment the body. He was awarded The Pratt Fashion Merit Award, was a finalist in the Charles Pratt Scholarship, finalist in the Cotton Inc Design Competition and won 2nd place in the VNSNY “Design for a Difference” competition. During and after college he continued to work for designers like Brian Wood and Adam Selman. As of recently Jefferson was a contestant on Project Runway season 13.

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How speed is created in the human body influences this collection. The abdominal muscles and joints are focused on as key points in the collection to reference mobility and core strength which is used to create speed. That with a combination of smooth and textured fabrics such as Gor tex, Rayon twill, Neoprene and and assortment of Nylons along with my sleek and athletic aesthetic create the collection before you.


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negating from color and extremes but attention to line and texture