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 Museum of Design Zurich, 
Ausstellungsstr. 60
CH- 8005 Zurich

 / Poster Collection, Limmatstrasse 55, CH-8005 Zürich /Design and Graphics Collection, Förrlibuckstrasse 62, CH-8005 Zürich

Open: see website

Admission price: 9/6 CHF

The Museum of Design Zurich focuses on temporary exhibitions, but researchers can visit the Poster and Graphic Design collections or have a guided tour on request.

The Poster Collection: The Poster Collection documents the history of Swiss and international poster art from the mid-19th-century to the present. The collection has been constantly enlarged and updated to keep abreast of contemporary achievements as well as to document historical milestones, and so has become one of the most comprehensive and significant collections of its kind in the world today.

In addition to posters from Switzerland, the collection includes works from Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Cuba, Austria, Poland, Spain, the former Czech Republic, Hungary, the United States, and the former USSR. Besides providing a wealth of basic graphic and typographic history, the poster collection promotes deeper understanding of design processes and issues.

Around 100, 000 of the estimated 300, 000 posters in the Poster Collection have been photographed, indexed, and are available to the public on file for consultation. Although the collection lacks a permanent exhibition venue, rotating exhibits in the Poster Gallery and the Design Museum grant viewers generous access to its riches. For curatorial reasons, posters can only be viewed in the original during an exhibition. Special tours upon request.

The Graphics Collection: This is a Graphic Design not a Graphic Art collection, which makes the collection’s approach clearly different from other graphic collections in Switzerland. Since its foundation in 1875, the Museum für Gestaltung’s Graphics Collection has defined the broad term Graphic Design in a variety of ways, matching the spirit and intentions of the times and making for an unconventional and exciting accumulation of objects. Originally planned as a collection of arts-and-crafts and artistic samples, the Graphics Collection covers almost all graphic disciplines that were important for teaching at what was then the Kunstgewerbeschule – School of Applied Arts. It has since been enhanced by gifts, legacies and purchases, and contains over 100,000 items from all over the world, dating from the 15th century to the present day.

The Graphics Collection now concentrates on European, and particularly Swiss, graphic design. Currently the emphasis is on typography and job printing graphics. These are fields where the collection already has a wealth of material available. The collection will be built up further with works from the current innovative graphics scene, important designers’ estates and Corporate Design for major firms.


MOTI, Museum of the Image

ARTSTHREAD - MOTI, Museum of the Image

Website: MOTI, Museum of the Image

Address: MOTI, Museum of the Image, Boschstraat 22, 4811 GH Breda, Netherlands

Open: Tuesday – Sunday: 10.00 – 17.00, Monday: Closed

Admission price: General 7.50€, Students 3.75€, see details

MOTI tells the story of visual culture by an appealing national and international collection with masterpieces, full of connections and references to the past and the future. From photography to spatial design. There is also a great amount of recent work that is taken into our collection, including interactive design, 3D objects, data visualisations, artistic graphic software, clothing and other work that is of any importance to the area of expertise.

The mission of the museum is to gather, manage and maintain information and knowledge about the history of the graphic design profession. The last hundred years are brought to life for everybody in an interactive exhibition which includes work by Piet Zwart, Wim Crouwel, Anthon Beeke and Erik Kessels. The museum is working on a digital archive with the Dutch Design Database, but students and researchers can visit physically at the Museum Lab.

The Museum Lab is the knowledge heart of the MOTI, Museum of the Image and is situated above the museum shop. The museum lab is a dynamic place for research into and knowledge about the broad field of image culture. The visitor has free entry to the multimedia library, where contemporary and historical material can be consulted in the research files.