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April Hay
Fashion and Textile Design BA Hons

Grays School of Art Robert Gordon University

Specialisms: Textiles - Print / Textiles for Fashion / Textiles for Fashion

Location: Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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April Hay

April Hay ArtsThread Profile

First Name: April

Last Name: Hay

Specialisms: Textiles - Print / Textiles for Fashion / Textiles for Fashion

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Aberdeen, United Kingdom

University / College: Grays School of Art Robert Gordon University

Course / Program Title: Fashion and Textile Design BA Hons


I'm a textile student from and studying in Aberdeen, specializing in digital media, photo manipulation and photoshop. Currently working on my graduate collection compromising of Textile for Fashion outcomes.

Being part of #TomorrowsTalent would be an incredible way to showcase my work to an audience who would be able to view my work in the context that it was intended to be viewed. On/Off are an amazing group who support emerging designers and as a textile designer from an often unheard part of Scotland it is incredibly exciting to potentially have my work shown as part of London Fashion Week, an opportunity which is created by supportive organisations such as this one. I would be incredibly proud and honored to show my work on behalf of Arts Thread alongside other talent from all over the UK. My work looks as digital print as a form of communication, and uses the subject of geology to provoke and inspire a reaction from its audience. As someone who struggles with textbook language and complicated maths, I need things to be visual and obvious but also aesthetically exciting before I can begin to understand it, and I know there are many others like me. I worked with the National Museum of Scotland to build us a database of mineral based knowledge and turned it into an accessible, exciting visual collection of textiles. This collection was made to be seen by large audiences, to create a desire to learn and experience geology in all its forms, which I could achieve with the help of On/Off and Arts Thread by being part of #TomorrowsTalent. Photography Credit : Rowena Winram

My work looks to create a personal interdisciplinary analysis of the relationship between geological science and textile design. My extensive visual research was made possible by having access to the archives of the National Museum of Scotland, where thousands of minerals are kept in storage from all over the world. Through digital print and my own photography I have created a collection inspired by agate bands, the unpredictability of mineral growths and the often unnoticed details within geological specimens. Mineralogic Phenomena is unpredictable, uncontrollable and often unnoticed.