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Congcong Wu
Sculpture MA

Royal College of Art

Specialisms: Fine Art / Sculpture / Ceramics

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Congcong Wu

Congcong Wu ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Congcong

Last Name: Wu

Specialisms: Fine Art / Sculpture / Ceramics

Sectors: / Fine Art/Photography/Craft

My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Royal College of Art

Course / Program Title: Sculpture MA


Congcong Wu is aninternational young artist who has studied in China, Australia, the UK and the U.S. She works with ideas of multiculturalism, scale and dimension, qualities of emotion, the experience of ageing, a degree of absurdity, and the overlooked aspects of everyday life. Her art practice embodies multiple forms of media including drawing, painting, print, sculpture, installation and digital media. Her artworks have been exhibited worldwide in cities such as Sydney, London, Shanghai and Rome. Congcong is currently working with ceramics and vegetables to improvise with unexpected combinations such as clay and aubergines. The aubergine is a humorous device that evolved through her ceramic work. This project has included real aubergines, tiny metal aubergines and 3D printed aubergine, all playing with form, material and function. For example, this is producing small scale humorous sculptures made from aubergine flesh: a pumpkin, a Christmas tree, twisting forms and so on. The aim is to have fun with different ways of comprehending the materials, to “misunderstand” them and turn them towards unexpected results. Ultimately, the idea is to work at a much larger scale, after many more experiments. Also based on the ideas of different possibilities of aubergines, she also made a series of ceramic works to discover more 'unidentified species'. These experimental works formed the Aubergine Universe, which indicates improvisation, accident, and playfulness.

In the Aubergine universe, there are metal aubergines, ageing aubergines, aubergine emoji, aubergine Stonehenge, a series of special unidentified species such as A seated Hammerhead Shark, Old aubergine with the hat, A sweet potato with the fake hair etc. All those characters (works) are like the neighbours in this aubergine universe, some characters will change through the time, such as the real aubergines are ‘ageing’ which are shrinking and decaying by time. Also, some characters will have a different interesting reaction. The metal aubergine goes on a journey with Congcong’s daily life and the journey is recorded in photos, some photos are more ‘boring and daily’ and some are more theatrical. The stories between them also reflect daily life with her friends. The Aubergine Universe is her improvisation practice, which experience the art practice as her art practice.