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Darla Kumenius
Ma Graphic Communication Design

Central Saint Martins UAL

Specialisms: Graphic Design

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Darla Kumenius

Darla Kumenius ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Darla

Last Name: Kumenius

Specialisms: Graphic Design

Sectors: Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Central Saint Martins UAL

Course / Program Title: Ma Graphic Communication Design


I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in London with a strong interest in typography. Over the past months I have been exploring analogue printing techniques such as screen-printing, the chemigram — a camera-less method — and letterpress using palm oil. My final project highlights implications of palm oil in consumer goods; I therefore was keen to use the actual ingredient in the process. My curiosity also focuses on collecting graphic ephemera and making movie props!

COVID-19 has turned supermarkets into dangerous spaces forcing people to shop online. The DIS/CLOSED Store is a virtual supermarket which brings a different kind of danger into focus: products that contain a hidden and harmful ingredient, palm oil. I identified the supermarket as a space for decision making, as well as potential danger – especially in the current situation. The platform brings together all the data I had collected to substantiate and link to the dangers of palm oil production. I created this space to provoke conversation around the present implications of palm oil in consumer goods: from far away they may look like normal products but when you get closer, they tell an unexpected story. By providing and revealing this information, the consumer can gain deeper knowledge on the subject. Before COVID-19, I had been exploring analogue printing techniques, such as screen-printing, the chemigram and letterpress, using palm oil. I was aiming to find a printing method that would enable me to use the actual ingredient in the process. I developed a refined unobtrusive visual style for The DIS/CLOSED Store. Due to the closure of my campus, I could not continue making prints, so I created my own textures at home using palm oil and paper, which I then used to render the products. I wanted them to look oily, damaged, harmful and sinister. LINK TO THE STORE: