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Dina Marie Lam
Fashion Design MFA

Academy of Art University

Specialisms: Womenswear / Textiles /

Location: San Francisco, United States

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Dina Marie Lam

Dina Marie Lam ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Dina Marie

Last Name: Lam

Specialisms: Womenswear / Textiles

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: San Francisco, United States

University / College: Academy of Art University

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design MFA


I transitioned from an Accounting background and now trying to find my place in the fashion industry. I just graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and am starting my own fashion business. I was selected a one of the Fashion Future Graduates by CFDA in 2017 and as one of the students to show their collection as part of NYFW.


Views  188

Appreciations  9

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Womenswear Textiles

While preparing for my graduate thesis, my aunt passed away from cancer, thus for my graduate collection I wanted it to be personal--I wanted to convey my transition to that moment of vulnerability, ease, and comfort, with an aesthetic grounded to my own lifestyle. I created an engineered quilting design to convey my emotion of organic confusion and balanced it with a technique that’s reminiscent of a sweet moment. I created a print to convey my feeling of transition and added embroidery for dimension, which also reflects the dimension of the quilting. I wanted to make the embroidery look less perfect so I added hanging threads to convey my feeling of “drowning.” I also wanted the process of transition to be part of my thesis, literally, not only in drawings. As such, I wanted to showcase my thesis at NYFW--to experience what it means to go from beginning to realized end. Therefore, my final thesis includes my final realized garments. The 3D garments are quite different than my lineup, and that's what I wanted to showcase--that development doesn't end when you create a lineup, it's constant throughout your collection and pauses only when it's presented to your customers. During my time at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco I have enhanced my skill of designing capsule collections that express my feelings, attitudes, and thoughts about my environment, society, and what it means to be a “now” woman.