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Eden Slezin
Fashion Design MFA

Academy of Art University

Specialisms: Menswear / Denim / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

Location: San Francisco, United States

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Eden Slezin

Eden Slezin ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Eden

Last Name: Slezin

Specialisms: Menswear / Denim / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: San Francisco, United States

University / College: Academy of Art University

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design MFA


What matters most with my designs, is that they are beautifully crafted garments that actually mean something. My goal is to create art, in my pieces, through innovative inspiration, craftsmanship and designs, and to ultimately consider myself an artist. I do, however, think my designs can more than just art. My goal is to utilize my designs as a tool for wearers to express their individuality and/or their point of view. Further, it is my aim to ensure that all my designs do no further harm to the environment. I would like my designs to actually improve the world we live in, thus sustainability is core aspect of my design philosophy. I like to identify myself as a designer, an entrepreneur, a leader and an adventurer. My age and experience are a massive advantage in that I understand so much more of the business side, truly understand the type of work ethic and discipline this industry demands, and have the breadth of experience to know that design is truly my passion. It has only been through all the experiences that I have had growing up and in my careers, that have led me to this present, fortunate position to be pursuing a dream. Perhaps as a conscious or unconscious ode to my origins lies my deep interest in vintage, masculine influences and more specifically, denim. I always find denim and innovate denim treatments inspiring and, at this point, it remains a core fabrication in many of my designs.

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This men's resort collection is inspired music, my deceased father, his love of his guitars and 1940's French workwear. Specifically, the long cotton "chore" shirts I found at a vintage shop in SF.

A sustainable S/S men's collection inspired by backpack guiding in the Grand Canyon. Backcountry Canyon life is simple, without distraction and forces one to focus on being fully present and on what is truly important. I wanted to create a collection that evolved the calm and minimalist mood of the Canyon. The meditative nature of BEING in the Canyon brought me to Zen Buddhism, Japanese influences and awareness. It only seemed right to focus on a sustainable and mindful collection that used re-used garments (vintage Kimonos) and materials (hiking shoe laces), natural dyes, zero waste cutting and organic fabrics.

Men's tank top and swimwear collection produced and sold domestically.

Inspired by vintage California beach life this resort collection is the first evolution of the Cute Tank brand to include an actual cohesive collection versus individual pieces and designs. This collection is currently under production.

Men's F/W collection inspired by medieval knights, Studio 54 and colors from art from Andy Warhol. Fabrics include denim, neoprene, lamb's shearling and various cottons and jerseys. Hand died fabrics, self made textiles, wax-oil treated fabrics and screen printed prints.

A sustainable collection inspired by the beauty of transformation, minimalism and vintage military denim. Materials include recycled bicycle tubes, rim tape and all organic fabrics.

Inspired by the zero waste mentality of 18th century Japanese farmers and the Boro technique. Re-purposed vintage denim garments were used as raw materials and all scraps were incorporated in the designs. The Japanese Kimono was also a central inspiration in silhouette and construction. Color was created through bleaching the denim and the incorporation of a classic Pendleton wool, incorporating another culture that believes in balance and sustainability.

Innovation is essential in these turbulent times, not just for the sake of creating new and interesting art or fashion, but also for the future of our planet. As the global environment changes, we are faced with a myriad of resource and production challenges that will mandate a movement to fully sustainable practices and to a culture that fosters environmental awareness, not mass consumption and waste. This collection is a tribute to the perfection and beauty of nature. Entitled, 'When I grow up', this sustainable, denim men's collection pulls from my life and loves. Inspiration stems from my USMC service, growing up in SF, and the idea of never growing up. My thesis takes elements of all the above including sustainability, vintage military denim, school boy uniforms and fetish wear. I have sourced recycled denim and organic denim that is dyed with natural indigo. As an avid cyclist and former manager of a bike shop, I choose to use recycled bicycle inner tubes as a nod to conservation and reducing waste. In an effort to avoid using chemicals, surface treatments involve the use of electric hand sanders, something my father used every day as a painter, and sculpted rubber and distressing that are designed with the male form in mind. Specific distressing patterns come from the idea of "knits, not knits," with mock plaid, argyle, an original print and rubber ribbing.

Editorial for Feroce Magazine Photographer: Nicole Anthony Wardrobe Stylist: Effie Goh Male Model: James Carter Makeup Artist: China Obenchain