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Egle Sitkauskaite

Konstfack University Of Arts Crafts and Design

Specialisms: Jewellery / Sculpture / Silversmithing

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

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Egle Sitkauskaite

Egle Sitkauskaite ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Egle

Last Name: Sitkauskaite

Specialisms: Jewellery / Sculpture / Silversmithing

Sectors: Fine Art/Photography/Craft / Fine Art/Photography/Craft

My Location: Tallinn, Estonia

University / College: Konstfack University Of Arts Crafts and Design

Course / Program Title: CRAFT MA


Coming from a background of textile and goldsmithing, Egle Sitkauskaite uses jewellery as a method: her objects are interactive, performative and strive to question traditional wearable adornments. Egle’s work revolves around her personal history, memories and the left behind traces of the materiality and its relatedness to places. These connections are the key subject explored in her work, which is poetic and atmospheric, inviting to experience the spatial universe.

My degree project revolves around the feeling of belonging when moving from one place to another, longing for what is left behind, adapting to the new environment, yet staying somewhere in between. It is about the notion of home in times of transition. The concept of home which is not grounded in a particular place or person, but is rather flexible, transportable and constantly changing. I want to capture the ideas of places and identity transformation through materiality. The tree is a human-like living material, used in my work as a metaphor. It has both sides: rooted in the ground, but as wood it is can be transported anywhere. By bending it I place it alongside the human ability to adapt, paradoxically flexibility and solidity coming together in this new form, new identity construction. The challenging circumstances of the pandemic situation raise more awareness for the topic of migration. Lack of human contact, limitations in global transport make us rethink our “normal”, revalue what we take for granted. In the smaller-scaled pieces, I delve into the materials and peoples migration, I reflect on my empathy towards the material and its’ origin. “There is a connection with people, with environment, with cosmos and ideas.” ( Gunvorn Guttorm, 2017 ) I use jewellery as a method: it is a small portable vessel that people carry with them, it encapsulates the memories of places and people. What stays behind when someone is gone or something is taken away?