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Ginnie-line Darcq
Fashion Promotion and Imaging BA Hons

University for the Creative Arts Epsom

Specialisms: Art Direction / Visual Communication / Photography

Location: Epsom, United Kingdom

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Ginnie-line Darcq

Ginnie-line Darcq ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Ginnie-line

Last Name: Darcq

Specialisms: Art Direction / Visual Communication / Photography

Sectors: Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Epsom, United Kingdom

University / College: University for the Creative Arts Epsom

Course / Program Title: Fashion Promotion and Imaging BA Hons


Multidisciplinary Fashion Imaging graduate nourishing a deep interest in art, design and lifestyle. I am eager to find creative solutions through concept development and artfully curate visual language.

I used to sit down, in the dark with my eyes closed, overwhelmed by polished images. Nothing left but chatters, noise all around, content by waves, parallel lives moving at the back of my eyelids. I used to swim in a sea of faces, lost in the crowd, restless, confused. Inside me a growing sense of panic that got closer to the chaos. Then I kept my eyes closed for a bit longer until the sea was flat. What if, I wondered, I could embrace this flow of nothingness, the silence of an empty mind, and listen to life again? In a digital world, saturated with endless scroll and stimulus, Nowhere to be Found stands as a material collection of what has been lost. The visual poem in three parts depicts a nostalgic place where life can be slow, meaningful and quiet. This quest for one’s remote island, emulates an organic relationship to time, bodies and space, celebrating the mundane and its imperfection, boredom, the impermanence of life, or the power of touch. Nowhere to be Found eventually questions our relationship to hustle culture, consumerism and social media, providing an honest journey for the mind, and a temporary refuge where perfection does not prevail.