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Grace Faichnie
Textiles BA Hons

Arts University Bournemouth

Specialisms: Textiles / Textiles for Fashion / Womenswear

Location: Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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Grace Faichnie

Grace Faichnie ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Grace

Last Name: Faichnie

Specialisms: Textiles / Textiles for Fashion / Womenswear

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Bournemouth, United Kingdom

University / College: Arts University Bournemouth

Course / Program Title: Textiles BA Hons


Grace Faichnie is a final year student studying Textiles at Arts University Bournemouth. During her three-year degree she has been given the opportunity to explore an exciting, wide variety of different Textile practices from which she has explored her favourite techniques in greater depth. She has chosen to be a mixed media textile designer for fashion innovation, more specifically women’s wear and accessories. Specialising in digital print (Photoshop), screen print, fabric manipulation, stitch, sonic welding and laser cutting (Illustrator). Her work has a fresh and contemporary feel to it because of her chosen themes, bright colour palettes and choice of fabric which are heat pressed together. This combination creates a perfect material for laser cutting, manipulation and makes her designs forward thinking as they are reversible.

Beneath the Surface focuses on fish and coral and uses a colour palette that is vibrant and eye catching. I started the project by taking primary photographs that I began drawing from using my most successful techniques. The high-end fashion collection was created using digitally printed fabric, crochet, stitch, fabric manipulation and laser cutting. During this project I discovered how to achieve slightly frayed laser cut edges coming from the denim that was boned onto digitally printed fabric. This outcome was highly successful and exciting as it gave my sample some uniqueness therefore, I carried this concept through to my Final Major Project – a collection that I also will incorporate into my portfolio. ? ?

Floral Burst looks at the theme, flowers and foliage and the colour palette is rich, sophisticated and hedonistic. I started this project by taking primary photographs that I then began drawing from using several techniques. The collection was created using digitally printed fabric, paper/fabric manipulation and stitch for high end fashion. Floral Burst gave me opportunity to explore 3-Dimensional form in a new way e.g., by painting up some vlieseline in my colour palette and began creating 3D flowers/leaves using machine embroidery and a heat tool in order to burn back desired areas. I then stitched into water soluble in order to create the inner petals of my flowers. Next, I used wire and beads to create the stamen. ?

Abstract Geometrics explores geometric shapes typically found around the home. I began this project taking primary photographs of random objects that I then draw from using a variety of different drawing techniques. The colour palette is simple yet effective and compliments the bold motifs I have used. The collection I have created is strong and cohesive for the fashion market. The techniques I used include screen print, fabric manipulation and stitch. This project is where I first discovered my love of experimenting with paper manipulation which I later translate into fabric samples - a concept that I have carried all the way through to my Final Major Project. I will include this collection in my portfolio along with Floral Burst and Beneath the Surface.