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Hannah McCleave
Textiles Innovation and Design BA Hons

Loughborough University

Specialisms: Textiles - Print / Apparel / Genderless

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Hannah McCleave

Hannah McCleave ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Hannah

Last Name: McCleave

Specialisms: Textiles - Print / Apparel / Genderless

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Loughborough University

Course / Program Title: Textiles Innovation and Design BA Hons


Experienced and hardworking printed textiles graduate from Loughborough University.

Her skills lie in the depth of her research, used to form strong and imaginative concepts throughout her degree. She also has strong digital development and organisational skills, which she utilises well when working to deadlines.

The breadth of work experience Hannah has gained on her placement year has taken her outside of design, and into different fields such as wholesale, retail and events.

Hannah aspires to work in the high end fashion industry, and is actively seeking opportunities in textile design for either men’s or womenswear. Alternatively, she would also be interested in fashion buying. Her CV is available on request, please see the contact details on this page.

Divination - "The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means". Throughout history, people around the globe have tried to make sense of their world through a variety of methods used to connect us to the spiritual universe. Divination is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of a spiritual ritual. The basis of Hannah’s project is established on this idea: the future already exists; but it is also important to know that our future is not fixed. Changes in our current situation can affect our future, and there is little we can do to control it. Her project explores this idea of an overwhelming power, and trying to manipulate the uncontrollable. Exploring the human connection between the conscious and unconscious mind, and the uncertainty which that brings has helped shape the aesthetic of this project. The designs give a sense of controlled chaos, while focusing on minimalism and raw mark making. Her final collection is visualised for the womenswear market, A/W 2021. However, the prints are designed with the intention of being worn and enjoyed by all genders.