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Jennifer Moica
Fashion Design BA

AMD Akademie Mode & Design Munich

Specialisms: Apparel / Apparel /

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

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Jennifer Moica

Jennifer Moica ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Jennifer

Last Name: Moica

Specialisms: Apparel / Apparel

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

University / College: AMD Akademie Mode & Design Munich

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design BA


Jennifer Moica is an Italian Designer was born and raised in Wuppertal in NRW, Germany. From an early age she showed a passion for creating and drawing. She attended the AMD Academy for Fashion and Design in Düsseldorf, Germany. During her Fashion Design study she improved her skills, creating and developing a design concept and showed a lot of dedication and determination. During fashion studies in 2011 and 2012 she won twice the „Fresenius New Talent Award 2011 in Fashion Design (B.A.)“ and the year after the „Fresenius New Talent Award 2012 Fashion Design (B.A.)“. Along with the second award she also successfully graduated in Fashion Design (B.A.). After her work experience in Düsseldorf and London, she decided to work on her own ideas with the abbreviation of JEN MM. Her designs are experimental, alternative and original fashion pieces, which celebrate the contemporary, the strong and individual look. Each garment is handmade, developed and manufactured by her. The inspiration comes from everything that surrounds her, beauty to oddness, culture, fashion, art, music, obsessions and creativity of all sorts. Even the absurdest and preposterous thing can be an inspirational trigger for her. Her aim is to express herself in what she does and she strives for new challenges, to learn from and to do. She tries to explore new ways of realizing her visions, either cultural or in craftsmanship, to create an idea into a living piece.

U M B R A | S U M U S, "We are shadows" is inspired by urban art and culture. Being in around cities it sometimes feels like being one among millions and millions of others of todays society. One individual in a suburban melting pot society. A shadow surrounded by kaleidoscopic images of differences and views. Anonymous and strong. A shadow wandering from place to place. Fearless, fierce and curious. The collection consists of black/ anthracite /white gradations of technical materials to traditional wool textiles.


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WANDERSTERN is a voyage between the now and the future. A trip to a new world and a new way of living by combining different materials and a different way of thought by creating new worlds and new dimensions. WANDERSTERN is telling the story of a new human, sailing from star to star with his eyes set on one true and only place on the search for his new Utopia. Tinted in blue tones, gold-black and shiny neutrals the collection is composed in different silhouettes and forms, conveying of protection and a new tribal feeling. A concept of humanity based on cohesion and solidarity. The collections style is authentic, contemporary, edgy, playful and clean, alternative chic in menswear and womenswear.

ImPulsE Of TimE

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The collection tells the story of how I feel it should be, no restrictions, just be you and being you has no limits. Impulse in German means into the pulse, but together it’s a drive, a motivation of an unexpected act, a tendency to do something unexpected. Therefore don’t hide yourself, get out there. Our time is beating and needs a drive to steadily be new and vibrant. ImPulsE Of TimE invites to be more spontaneous, coragious, curious to new ways and not being afraid with experimentation. In between todays monotonous ways, there is THIS energy missing that I have been searching and proposing in this collection. A new impulse to catch and that gives you strength. Get out, experiment, be curious towards forms and colour, be strong, BE BLUE, because your GOLD. Be the new impulse.


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„L’èveil“, the awakening is about strength, patience and overcoming hardships, your own fears to aim your goals. „Where there's darkness, there's light.“ And also the other way round (YingYang) .These are the principles of the universe. One can't live alone, because they go hand in hand. Even if one falls in a deep, there will always be a glimpse of light somewhere to take/lead the way/you out. Leaning on this idea of light/dark, black/white, good/bad, we always/constantly are surrounded by day and night. By developing this idea, thinking about my path till now, there were moments where one doesn't know how to go further or how to keep on. Giving up never is the solution, confronting those hard and dark moments is the answer. And light will shine at the end of the tunnel. L'Éveil is about having the strength to get out of the darkness from the shadows themselves and overcome your fears. Experiences so far and in cohesion to the future by creating new a dimension of style and feel.

This collection was designed to celebrate 5 years of JENMMDSGN, 5 years of handmade, unique sustainable fashion, inspiration and on-going. Because this is just the beginning of what’s coming. There is so much to explore, to discover and so many imaginary places to create and find out. A collection to celebrate what was and what will be. BEYOND is more than just a garment, it’s the story, the people, not just what you see on the outside. It’s what it’s behind those smiles, those eyes, the work. I created this birthday capsule collection by going back to the roots, where everything began and when I started to design under the name of JENMMDSGN. Every single stitch, every single step of the process of what you see in the end, that’s what's all compressed in this smile of the dripping Joker face of the collection. This is JENMMDSGN. It’s the story, it’s the work, it’s what we and I value most. The foundation to create what will be something different, sincere, genuine and true and out of the ordinary. A marriage of imagination, life, art and storytelling. Something special and different that we all have in ourselves, that makes us what we are. A smile can hide many different things and analogies. There is more BEYOND that smile, that we all have. So let’s find out.