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Jie Huang
Service Design MA

Royal College of Art

Specialisms: Service Design / Product Design / Interaction Design & Game Design

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Jie Huang

Jie Huang ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Jie

Last Name: Huang

Specialisms: Service Design / Product Design / Interaction Design & Game Design

Sectors: Product / Architecture / Interiors / Product / Architecture / Interiors / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

University / College: Royal College of Art

Course / Program Title: Service Design MA


I am a problem solver with design thinking mindset and a maker interested in realising visionary and missionary ideas that could have positive impact on mankind through the lens of innovation and technology

According to the future of job report, it urges us to equip future skills, like creativity, and problem-solving skills, to avoid being replaced by the machine. The world is urging us to equip future skills, but in Hong Kong, creativity is perceived as a gap to be filled by the current education system from different stakeholders’ perspectives. Saipprentice - an online learning platform designed to offer an episodic learning journey under design thinking philosophy and PLAY methodology to awaken children’s creativity by learning from the creative role models. The learning journey is suitable for primary 4 to secondary 3 students. It is also suitable for peer-to-peer learning, child-parent, and individual learning. Solution is also developed by using a holistic and user-centred approach, studying our target users' needs and desires, and co-creating with children, parents, educators, teachers, and researchers. And with my working experience in Hong Kong education sector.