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Jinghan Zong
Fashion Design

SCAD Savannah

Specialisms: Womenswear / Fashion Illustration / Fashion Styling

Location: Savannah, United States

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Jinghan Zong

Jinghan Zong ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Jinghan

Last Name: Zong

Specialisms: Womenswear / Fashion Illustration / Fashion Styling

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Savannah, United States

University / College: SCAD Savannah

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design


MFA Fashion Student at Savannah College of Art and Design. Designing ethical and culturally considered garments that last longer in wardrobes.

Rectification of Innocence: This women’s ready-to-wear collection touches on the mental and physical health issues of the Z Generation ever faced. Stresses from their parents, expectations of the society, and comments on their appearance - all of these act as scaffolds that force them to “correct” their original nature. The aim of this collection is to let the society reflect on the existing biases upon the young generations and encourage Gen Z to embrace their bodies and mental needs.

In Chinese philosophy, “Yóu” means wandering. This women’s ready-to-wear collection aims to research Chinese aesthetics and to manifest them in fashion. Focusing on an implicit design language, this collection incorporates the idea of circular connection, the combination of solid and void, and multi-dimensional wandering in Chinese philosophies. Getting inspiration from traditional Chinese paper-cuts and Chinese knots, this collection also develops accordion-like patterns that overlap and interact with each other. Capturing the poetic imagery, Yóu: Wandering is for consumers who seek for a sensorial connection to Chinese philosophical culture. Macroscopically, this collection aims to join the on-going dialogue between western and eastern aesthetics in the fashion world.