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Julie Van Den Boorn
Bachelor in Design

Design Academy Eindhoven

Specialisms: Sustainable Fashion/Textiles / Industrial Design / Design

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

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Julie Van Den Boorn

Julie Van Den Boorn ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Julie

Last Name: Van Den Boorn

Specialisms: Sustainable Fashion/Textiles / Industrial Design / Design

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Product / Architecture / Interiors

My Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

University / College: Design Academy Eindhoven

Course / Program Title: Bachelor in Design


Who is Julie van den Boorn? She is a 26 years old product designer. recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven (June 2016) She is a truly passionate designer! Julie is obsessed with structures, material, color, technical processes and every other aspect of creation. She’s inspired by the simple things in life, like the pure function of something contemporary like a nail or a screw. What are her interests? Julie’s interest are design, architecture, music within her own vocal voice. An outspoken passion for cars, and experiencing life through her curious eyes. During her Erasmus programme she did an internship at BMW group AG Munchen. Where she was a part of the colour and Trim Design team for MINI. Currently she is working as development product and material designer at FBBasic and COFA. FBBasic focuses on the regeneration of raw materials. FBBasic does this by transforming linear production- and consumption systems into circular systems. COFA focuses on the operational area in the circular economy with the brand Pōur. Pōur; redesign the existing.

COMPOLEATHER Van den Boorn is fascinated by textures, materials, colors and all other aspects of creation. Even simple things in life, like the pure function of a nail or screw fascinate her. This together with the desire to contribute to a sustainable world, gave her the idea to extend the life cycle of the valuable material leather.Leather has always had a luxurious look, smell and feel. Yet, at a certain point, everyday products like shoes, jackets and couches are worn out and end up in the incinerator. Seeking a way to prolong the lifecycle of this valuable natural material, Julie van den Boorn developed ‘Compoleather’. Used leather goods are shredded and mixed with water. When pressed in moulds and allowed to dry, the pulp gives rise to a new material that sticks together without the need for an extra binding agent. The result is still 100% natural.Multiple applications are possible, including car interiors. And it still has the unmistakable smell of the original.