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Konstantinos Argyroglou
Painting MA

Royal College of Art

Specialisms: Painting / Installation Art / Drawing

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Konstantinos Argyroglou

Konstantinos Argyroglou ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Konstantinos

Last Name: Argyroglou

Specialisms: Painting / Installation Art / Drawing


My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Royal College of Art

Course / Program Title: Painting MA


Konstantinos Argyroglou Argyropoulos (b.1998) is a Greek artist based in London. At this moment Konstantinos just completed the MA Painting at the Royal College of Art, focusing on ways of revisiting his childhood memories both physical and emotional, contributing to a wider economy of care in the field of learning difficulties and dyslexia. Konstantinos has been awarded The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant in 2021 and has completed his undergraduate studies in Fine Art Mixed Media at University of Westminster. Konstantinos’ works are part of private collections.

'Intimacy and Solitude’ is an installation consisting of paintings, drawings and ceramics. It is a multilayered condition that consists of different pockets of various moments of intimacy, mostly rooted in my childhood memories of summer holidays in Greece. Through this series of works I create a narrative that traces and recalls moments of intimacy and solitude focusing on the relation between a child/myself and objects/memorabilia. Memories become traces, and sentimental objects become companions creating multiple encounters of solitude. The paintings and drawings are compositions that depart from various photographs to become loose watery imagery. Whereas the installation of the ceramic slabs reflects on the relationship that existed between my hand and the paper during stressful situations of reading and writing, growing up as a dyslexic learner. The shape and size of these ceramic parts derive from my childhood bathroom tiles which through this work I transform into inscribing surfaces. There is a sense of pressure which I wish to embrace through placing them as a grid, on a table replicating written sheets of paper, by creating an indexical embodied language. Within the overall installation of the works, the reference to activities of reading and writing is counteracted by the sense of nostalgia and calmness evoked by the summery images, creating a hybrid atmosphere that is linked through gestures, traces and dissolving memory.