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Kuangxi Cui
Innovation Design Engineering MA

Royal College of Art

Specialisms: Design and Technology / Architecture / Interaction Design

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Kuangxi Cui

Kuangxi Cui ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Kuangxi

Last Name: Cui

Specialisms: Design and Technology / Architecture / Interaction Design

Sectors: Product / Architecture / Interiors / Product / Architecture / Interiors / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Royal College of Art

Course / Program Title: Innovation Design Engineering MA


Kuangxi is an interdisciplinary researcher and designer who navigates any swamp of information, gains insights, identifies patterns, constructs and overhauls systems. She helps the systems take shape into a kaleidoscope of facts and details with a combination of rigorous extrapolation and unbridled flexibility. Academically trained as an architecture/innovation student, her explorations cover a wide range of fields including wireless communication, acoustic environment, smart material, human-plant interface, pharmaceutical information, etc. Skills cover analysis, multimedia communication, procedural/interactive 3D packages, simulation, etc.

Rippling is a construction/furnish material that could help us develop electromagnetic furniture for a Wi-Fi friendly architecture. The project tries to improve wireless signal efficiency at a novel intervention point, not the end points of a signal channel but the channel itself, the environment in which signals propagate. It is a decorative panel that guides signals to where you need them, a door that invites signals into your bedroom, a lamp that focuses signals onto your desk, a passive, cost effective and sustainable network solution, as well as a tangible, intuitive, user-friendly interface enabling a new human-wave interaction.