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Kwadwo Amfo
Photography BA

Royal Academy Of Art The Hague KABK

Specialisms: Photography / Interaction Design / Film

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Kwadwo Amfo

Kwadwo Amfo ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Kwadwo

Last Name: Amfo

Specialisms: Photography / Interaction Design / Film

Sectors: / Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

University / College: Royal Academy Of Art The Hague KABK

Course / Program Title: Photography BA


I am a Ghanaian photographer and director based between Accra and Amsterdam. I decontextualise and then reconstruct through photography and film which feature elaborately staged, surreal tableaus of contemporary life en vogue — Exploring a balance between fantasy and reality, my work captures a world full of characters, colours, and contradictions. With a focus on people and culture, I work in the aspects of grandeur; editorials with a smattering of grotesque narratives that compels the audience to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover and rediscover the beauty in unusual places.

Criminalisation is the inability to separate a person from criminality based on their group identity. In this case, black male criminalisation is the inability to separate black males from criminals. Through photography, augmented reality, film, and 3D printed sculpture, the audience is invited to look deeper into our interpersonal experiences and the mental processes that inform them. Depicting black characters reflects the desire, born of my own experiences, to bring to the fore the inadequate and troubling representations of black people in today’s media and throughout history. SILHOUETTE investigates and displays representations of misrepresentation of black men that has permeated our public consciousness. Decontextualising affirmations, illustrating what it is like to inhabit white-dominant spaces — nuanced statements about simply being.