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Lea Heckmann
Fashion Design

Akademie Jak

Specialisms: Womenswear / Textile Innovation/Textile Art / Haute Couture

Location: Hamburg, Germany

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Lea Heckmann

Lea Heckmann ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Lea

Last Name: Heckmann

Specialisms: Womenswear / Textile Innovation/Textile Art / Haute Couture

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Hamburg, Germany

University / College: Akademie Jak

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design


I love to be creative and I love using my imagination to build up projects in my head, which I can later turn into reality. For me, no challenge is too big and detailing is a key for making my work unique. And there is always a way, somewhere, somehow. Goals are there to be achieved, challenges to be overcome and deadlines to be filled out, even up to the last second.Designing for me is combined with hard work, confidence as well as joy and passion, which makes it so interesting to explore.

This work makes clear that nature can not only be inspiring in terms of aesthetically beautiful applications, colours and shapes, but also that what is hidden – such as psychological similarities between humans and animals – can have a positive influence on the transformation of the fashion industry. Clothing offers the possibility of social exchange. How it is perceived happens unconsciously and uncontrollably through the always active senses. Every person freely decides how much of the inner self is revealed by the choice of clothing. In doing so, everyone is controlled by two needs: the need to stand out and the need to fit in. These needs are also found in nature under the terms mimicry and mimesis. While in the animal world they can be called nature‘s mime, clothing is man‘s mime. Mimicry and mimesis have the prerequisite of being seen and from this the shape is determined. The gaze alone plays a decisive role, because only when one sees oneself with the eye of the other person can one be prepared to deceive him. In this context, the question must be asked how mimicry and mimesis affect self-perception and what effect they have on humans.

3rd semester project, 2019-2020 A material developed with the thought of millions of snakes being put to death every year for their exotic skin. Every existing material can be improved in order to cause less damage on our planet with its unique wildlife. And there is always a way - by whatever means. Shedding is a natural procedure of a snake whereby it discards the outgrown skin. What is left behind is an ultra thin layer of the epidermis with its scales still intact. The shedded snake skin is considered useless at this point. The material developed for the EXUVIA collection is animal friendly, sustainable and has much more potential than just the usage for the fashion industry. The developed snake friendly and sustainable snake leather is 100% water repellant, has its own sheen and feels and looks like common snake leather. Natural Japanese Indigo was used as a coloring method for the skin. The potential that exists inside natural sources is often underestimated nowadays in our fast- moving modern world. In Africa and Japan, indigo has a very long history and is of healing, spiritual and social significance. There exists a saying that implies good luck and positive energy for creating a successful indigo vat, whereas failure leads to misfortune.