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Lisa Riot
Fine Art MA

Winchester School of Art

Specialisms: Fine Art / Photography / Sculpture

Location: Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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Lisa Riot

Lisa Riot ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Lisa

Last Name: Riot

Specialisms: Fine Art / Photography / Sculpture


My Location: Bournemouth, United Kingdom

University / College: Winchester School of Art

Course / Program Title: Fine Art MA


My practice documents my everyday experience of the world, in particular my relationship with social and family hierarchy and the responsibility I feel as a female. Issues of ageing, identity and self discovery are at the forefront of my work which transcends photography, sculpture, collage and installation. Exploring the constant battle between responsibility and freedom, I use a variety of media to elaborate the complexity and duality of these subjects. Language plays a key role in my work: Language as both form and meaning, both poetic and polemic. My influences range from Street Art to the Feminist Art of the 70's and 80's to the work of great women contemporary artists such as Doris Salcedo, Annette Messager and Mona Hatoum. I have a strong background in Architecture which often materialises in my work by the use of space, scale, materiality and anthropometrics. My recent work has focused upon my body and human form and it has also responded to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Refractions of the Self are two sculptural pieces that sit together in a dark interior space. They represent humanity, our personal dualities and our strengths and weaknesses. They are made up of panels or 'ribbons' of words and light and resemble reclining human figures, socially distanced from each other and opposing. The words that appear on them are made up of both positive and negative, words which either liberate or subjugate. The figures are large and form bridges with their legs, so the viewer passes beneath them and is covered in the refracted words. Throughout the pandemic, people have had time to reflect and through worldwide events maybe evaluate their responses to others by way of considering ethnicity, gender, economic/geographical and cultural divides. We are all in this together, the differences between us is small. Can we emerge from this pandemic more inclusive and considerate?

Pieces of me

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Fine Art Photography

Pieces of Me is a project about identity, narrative and the body and is an exploration of self through ageing, family and belonging using manipulated photography. It looks at life experience, marriage, motherhood, and home.


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Elemental is a collection of images which relate to the female experience with the elements of earth, air, fire and water. The female is depicted as a Goddess and this collection represents escape, freedom and physical connection to the earth.

cloud (upload)

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Fine Art Sculpture

Cloud (Upload) is a sculptural installation piece that uses text in various component parts to form a suspended cloud, strings of sentences and a broken narrative on the floor. It represents memory, channels of communication and our ever-evolving relationship with technology. An Artists book was also created from the research of this project.