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Maureen Kortenbusch

Maastricht Institute of Arts

Specialisms: Jewellery / Glass / Contemporary Craft

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

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Maureen Kortenbusch

Maureen Kortenbusch ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Maureen

Last Name: Kortenbusch

Specialisms: Jewellery / Glass / Contemporary Craft

Sectors: Fine Art/Photography/Craft / Fine Art/Photography/Craft / Fine Art/Photography/Craft

My Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

University / College: Maastricht Institute of Arts

Course / Program Title: Design


Hi, My name is Maureen. I freshly graduated with a bachelor's from the Maastricht academy of fine arts and design with a focus on contemporary jewelry and the notion of animism within the context of the Anthropocene.

The Adorning Entities are rooted in and nurtured from my intrinsic animistic belief. Since childhood, mini-me viewed the surrounding matter as more than inanimate objects. Abandoned matter picked up by tiny fingers from everywhere would become most faithful companions. More than imaginary friends who listen to dear secrets and help mini and not so mini-me connect to her surroundings. The fruits of this deeply felt connection are the Adorning Entities. They are creatures grown from abandoned objects found on the street in a collaborative process between matter and maker. Every entity has there unique story and character; in short introvert values. Some want to be worn and adorned with, while others are hesitant to the slightest touch. Some Adorning Entities flock to the light others wrap themselves in darkness. The entity introvert values can be read about in a delicately composed paper-bound Archive, a tool for sharing them and their introverted values with the world. The Adorning Entities hold far more meaning than their little glossy bodies reveal at first glance. To me, they embody a shift in the way of viewing matter, the environment, and the process of creation. They symbolize an animistic approach to existing that fosters a change in behavior guided by care and kindness towards the self and all others.