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Mia Mai Symonds
Ma Design Expanded Practice

Goldsmiths University of London

Specialisms: Textiles - Weave / Fine Art / Design Research

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Mia Mai Symonds

Mia Mai Symonds ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Mia Mai

Last Name: Symonds

Specialisms: Textiles - Weave / Fine Art / Design Research

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Product / Architecture / Interiors

My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Goldsmiths University of London

Course / Program Title: Ma Design Expanded Practice


Mia Mai is an emerging Artist, Designer and Researcher. Whilst engaging with social, bodily, and spatial theories, her practice situates around the developed and varied relationships we have with our everyday woven textiles. With an overarching interest in the ways in which the ubiquity, commonality and universal language of this material globally connects us all together, Mia’s work is rooted in topics of embodiment, material value and the social, political, and emotional discourses situated in and around cloth. Her research is dedicated to interrogating the human-material relationships embedded within woven textiles. From the point of production through to questions concerning the ‘end’ of its material life, Mia is interested in the types of value we place on cloth in our daily lives and its complexities. She is committed to showcasing both the possibilities of the material and the problems with its industry. Her practice currently explores cloth at the intersection between body and lived experience, reflecting on traces left by human action and the history of the material at hand. Mia is considering the body and cloth as relational materials, forms of matter susceptible to and in a perpetual state of change, and their states of both tension and collaboration as we engage everyday with the world around us.

With a central focus on the strength and structure of woven textiles, this site-specific installation aimed to showcase the performativity of the warp and weft on a large scale, allowing the structure to be realised in a way it would not ordinarily be. This piece was designed with woven textiles' congruent relationship to architecture in mind.

Matter of Being is a project concerned with the emotional properties of our everyday textiles and investigating cloth at the intersection between body and lived experiences. Cloth is a socially, politically, economically, and culturally loaded material. From the first point of production through to its varying and versatile everyday use, it is a material entrenched in both possibilities and problems, with a vast history and an adapting future. It is a material caught in a state of tension – between its undeniable power to both maintain and modify how we live, its ubiquitous and arguably overlooked role in our everyday lives, and its periodic and problematic position within social and environmental concern. The ideas I am currently studying consider and explore both cloth and body as relational materials. With an inherent interconnection to each other, I view these mediums as accesses of inclusive knowledge between how we can further understand our world and each other. We are embedded in a material world and both body and cloth are forms of matter susceptible to and in a state of perpetual change. The emotional properties of woven textiles I am interested in centre around topics of memory, personal and social material value and the humanness that is instilled in the very nature of how cloth performs and acts in the world.