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Olivia Brearley
Textile Design BA Hons

Leeds Arts University

Specialisms: Illustration / Textiles - Print / Printmaking

Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

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Olivia Brearley

Olivia Brearley ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Olivia

Last Name: Brearley

Specialisms: Illustration / Textiles - Print / Printmaking

Sectors: Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

University / College: Leeds Arts University

Course / Program Title: Textile Design BA Hons


Hello! I specialise in hand-drawn illustration and paper/fabric screen printing. My practice revolves around a love for maximalist interior and domestic spaces, with unusual objects, antique finds and novelty household bric-a-brac usually taking centre stage within my designs. Through playful motifs, vibrant colours and whimsically drawn compositions, my designs pay homage to the stories, features, and individualities that our spaces and objects represent.

'The Creatives House' is a collection created as part of a practical response to my dissertation question, which was about artists and their homes, and how their creative practice inspired/influenced their home environment. The collection consists of prints and illustrations that were all inspired by a different creatives home, all of which I visited and/or interviewed the creative about. These include Jimi Hendrix, historical artist Frederic Leighton, punch cartoonist Linley Sambourne, collector and artist Jim Ede, and contemporary artists Wesley West and Stephen Wright. The whole theme of the prints is about celebrating the ways we as individuals reflect and express our individuality and identity on our environments, and how these in turn inform our sense of self.

'A Collectors Curiosities' is my final university collection of bespoke screen printed fabrics and illustrations. Through playful motifs, vibrant colours and whimsically drawn compositions, the interior collection explores the unique details of maximalist interiors, antique finds and unusual household objects.

A dedicated page for my original ink drawings that become full colour fabric screen prints. You can see my process and how they come to life!


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Live Breif in collaboration with Wilko - designing prints for their summer 2019 beauty range packaging.

A series of new prints and drawings