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Rishika Kashyap
Fashion Communication

NIFT Patna

Specialisms: Creative Direction / Visual Communication / Graphic Design

Location: Chennai, India

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Rishika Kashyap

Rishika Kashyap ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Rishika

Last Name: Kashyap

Specialisms: Creative Direction / Visual Communication / Graphic Design

Sectors: Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Chennai, India

University / College: NIFT Patna

Course / Program Title: Fashion Communication


A student of Fashion Communication and actively interested in art and history, I believe in embracing individuality behind each concept that I create. A fan of Roald Dahl's work, I go by one of his saying's, "Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go get the whole hog".

This project is majorly inspired by the current state of the world where unforeseen circumstances led to major lifestyle changes. I started with this project since I couldn't continue with what I was working on, and I had to think fast and good to make up for the time lost. The tarot cards give hope for a future, though unseen and unpredictable. The designs are inspired from the Rider- Waite tarot deck and have minimal elements. The color theme is inspired by the process where one would color out the page using crayons and paint a layer of black over it and then carve out designs on it. The elements and symbols used are closer to basic shapes and lines. Reference:

This illustration represents what Diwali means to me. Diwali, a festival of lights, is something that is celebrated in almost every Indian household. And how each family celebrates Diwali is very different from others. But the cliche of Diwali is the lights, fireworks, puja, sweets and rangoli. Some families do it in a very extravagant style, some in a simple and sophisticated way. But for some, Diwali means their family coming together for this one special occasion. I've been doing my degree away from home in a completely different environment, yet Diwali is the one thing I've always managed to come home and celebrate it with family. And Diwali for us is the simple and sophisticated way of a quick puja and hawan, a couple of rangolis, a bit of sweets and small crackers. Something that most people miss out about Diwali in a North-Indian family is the intense cleaning of the house beginning a few days before the festival. And when actually help with it, Diwali isn't just fun-and-games anymore. So when the cleaning is finally done, you just want some rest. And hence, the quick-version of Diwali usuals in my home. And when everything is finally done, the best part about the special day is watching fireworks in the deep dark blue sky. And that's a special moment Diwali brings for me.