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Sarah Hitchens
Art History Degree

Art History Degree, Warwick University

Specialisms: Ceramics / Sculpture /

Location: Somerset, United Kingdom

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Sarah Hitchens

Sarah Hitchens ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Sarah

Last Name: Hitchens

Specialisms: Ceramics / Sculpture

Sectors: Fine Art/Photography/Craft

My Location: Somerset, United Kingdom

University / College: Art History Degree, Warwick University

Course / Program Title: Art History Degree


My work has a primitive quality about it: slab-built from coarse, black clay, forms are torn, textured, rough-edged and purposely imperfect. I am intrigued by the idea of authenticity as opposed to perfection – what it is to be truly ourselves stripped down to our core and fascinated by textural surfaces that reveal the passage of time. In my practice, I seek to combine a sense of the ancient and the contemporary whilst eliciting an intimacy that comes from the subtle evocation of the human form.

Intrigued by objects which become talismans when invested with memories and emotions – I created a collection of ceramic work combined with natural elements of stone, seedpod, moss, bark and shell. My intention was to delight, intrigue and seduce people to touch and caress each object and to question their sense of the magical.