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Sara Kickmayer
Knitwear Design MA

Institut Français de la Mode

Specialisms: Apparel / Textiles - Knit/Weave / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

Location: Paris, France

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Sara Kickmayer

Sara Kickmayer ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Sara

Last Name: Kickmayer

Specialisms: Apparel / Textiles - Knit/Weave / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Paris, France

University / College: Institut Français de la Mode

Course / Program Title: Knitwear Design MA



Growing up in a small village in the mountains of south Austria from very early on there was a strong connection to nature and traditional craftsmanship.

Design for me is an exploration around evolution, transformation and change.

This work questions the current methods of gathering and processing the planet’s natural recourses and the role of technology in the current fashion industry. Looking at ancient methods and translating them into Knitwear. The aim is to develop new ways to create fully knitted garments that take into account nature’s principals and traditional craftsmanship while generating no waste. Inspired by nature and ancient knowledge, this work consists out of modular transformable structures and shapes. Silhouettes that remind of mountain structures and ancient drapes using a combination of raw processed materials and regenerated materials that move organically around the body.

Inspired by biological phenomena, this project is trying to implement molecular technology and its aesthetic into textile- and fashion design - developing structural surfaces in different dimensions, creating dynamic forms and using additive Nanoimprint as a substitute for toxic colorings. - in cooperation with Profactor Gmbh, Austria