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Sara Krogsgaard
Graphic Communication Design

Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design and Conservation

Specialisms: Graphic Design / Visual Communication / Art Direction

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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Sara Krogsgaard

Sara Krogsgaard ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Sara

Last Name: Krogsgaard

Specialisms: Graphic Design / Visual Communication / Art Direction

Sectors: Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

University / College: Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design and Conservation

Course / Program Title: Graphic Communication Design


My name is Sara and I am a graphic designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. My design practice evolves around visual and conceptual methodologies resulting in outputs as identities, publications, websites, exhibitions, art direction, and campaigns.

639 is an annual online film festival dedicated to celebrating linguistic diversity. The 2020 edition will be in support of Kalaallisut. Through film screenings, talks, and interviews, this online film festival seeks to raise awareness about the disappearing languages of the world. By highlighting their endangerment, the festival tries to emphasize how acknowledging their presence in cyberspace might help support their preservation, the use of these languages for educational goals, and further linguistic research. Each festival will focus on one language listed in UNESCO's 'Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger'. The notion of any film festival is that it takes place for a limited amount of time, and public access to the content is temporary and fleeting. The same goes for the 639 festival. However, even though the film screenings will be limited and temporary, the potential and ultimate goal are to impact the audience. Films have the potential of expanding and questioning the viewer’s perception of the world. The appealing format makes it a prominent companion in the fight to preserve endangered languages, as a film may open the viewer's eyes to the importance of the matter at hand; regardless of class or background, most audiences discuss a film after watching it. That is what this online film festival is inspiring too.