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Tan Li Wen
Fashion Design Ba Hons

Raffles Design Institute Singapore

Specialisms: Apparel / Fashion Illustration / Fashion Styling

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Tan Li Wen

Tan Li Wen ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Tan

Last Name: Li Wen

Specialisms: Apparel / Fashion Illustration / Fashion Styling

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

University / College: Raffles Design Institute Singapore

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design Ba Hons


Specialise in mens and womens ready-to-wear. All things vibrant, would be how I describe my style. I focus more on the colours and prints combination when designing. For me there is no right or wrong on creating different combinations. I think that is what is eye catching and make people think it is interesting when they first saw it. I think it brings excitement and joy to people, and that is what I would like to show from my design.


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Apparel Menswear Womenswear

-Degree Graduation Collection- . Inspired by the way people being superficial and vanity on fashion these days. We are now living in the century of technology. People can get affected easily by celebrities and online influencers easily because they are everywhere. This has caused people to stop creating their own style because they can just easily copying any other person’s outfit blindly. Some will wear things that they think it’s on trend, even if it doesn’t look nice on them so that they feel like they are not being left out. People are willing to buy just a basic product from those famous brand that cost more than it actually worth just because of their logos and the trend. What I want to show from my collection is that people should try to understand the true value behind everything instead of being superficial and blindly following the trend. .everything is handmade by myself.

-1st runner-up in Giuliacarla Cecchi competition 2018- Inspired by the poison dart frog. Poison dart frog wears some of the most brilliant and beautiful colours on earth. Their sizes are the same as human’s thumbnail. Their elaborate designs and hues are deliberately ostentatious to ward off potential predators. The secretary on in the frogs skin is lethal. If a predator even licks the skin, the result is certain death. The emotive behind this creation is to show that even though the appearance of something might look weak, frangible, or even cute, but it’s totally different from what you see on the inside. .everything is handmade by myself.


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Apparel Womenswear Drawing

-Degree Capsule Collection- Inspired by childlike artist. People lose their childlike innocent as we grow up. We started to overthink and limit ourselves. The reason behind it is because we were taught to follow the rules by our parents and teachers since we were still a child, and the rule is to be perfect. We have to be the best to fit into this society. The artists created childlike arts because they think that people should not forget their childlike innocent and should appreciate how children express themselves by using their instinct without doubting. By that, I was inspired to draw sketches and use it as the design for my collection by using my own way and express myself, without worrying about other people’s opinion, just like how a kid will do. .everything is handmade by myself.

These are some of my technical drawings, illustrations and moodboards from different projects :)

These are some of my concept proposals for fashion retail company.

These are some of my digital drawings :) Doing it as a hobby

This is a collection I submitted for the competition SHEINX100KCHALLENGE : Be Bold Be You Most Creative Award

Some concept proposal for my current fashion retail company.

Virtual futuristic fashion design I did recently.