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Vanessa Randall
Textile Design BA (Hons)

Cardiff School of Art and Design

Specialisms: Textiles for Interiors / Illustration / Digital Design

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Vanessa Randall

Vanessa Randall ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Vanessa

Last Name: Randall

Specialisms: Textiles for Interiors / Illustration / Digital Design

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Digital/Visual Communication/Film / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Cardiff School of Art and Design

Course / Program Title: Textile Design BA (Hons)


My name is Vanessa and I am a graduate in textile design from Cardiff School of Art & Design. For my final year I have specialised in children's designs as I have always been interested in this market. I believe there is more of a gap in the market here and I aim to create innovative and original concepts and work. From a young age I have always been passionate about all things creative, and particularly handcraft. I have made countless hand embroideries, drawings and knitted toys, and as my skills, knowledge and passion continued to grow over the years, starting my own business became my ambition and goal. As I learned and practiced more contemporary styles such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, this became a new and exciting technique which I began to use to create and illustrate my own characters and narratives. This then developed my idea of writing, designing and illustrating my own children's book which is featured in this portfolio. I love both contemporary and traditional techniques and I aim to combine them in any way I can with my digital designs and hand embroidery. This combination has been the more prominent and successful in my final major project which I will be displaying at New Designers.

‘Who’s afraid of the dark?’ is my latest collection of designs that are suitable for a young girl’s bedroom aged 4-10 for Autumn/Winter 2016. My designs have been inspired by a night time, woodland theme which incorporates nocturnal animals, trees and vibrant colours. It has been inspired by my book featured in this portfolio. Following the night time theme, I also embroidered phosphorescent thread into a number of my designs, which charges up in the light and then glows in the dark. The idea being that these products can be used as a nightlight for children who are afraid of the dark. Each family of designs have different nocturnal animals, including badgers, hedgehogs, foxes and owls. My designs are intended for bedding, curtains, wallpapers and borders. I am passionate about both traditional and contemporary techniques, therefore I focused on combining these together in this project with my digital designs and hand embroidered embellishments. An extra element I showed in my final display was 4 hand embroideries on glow in the dark fabric. These can also be used as a nightlight and I created them imagining they could be used as a marketing tool for customers who bought my collection.

Collection name: 'Roll Up! Roll Up!' This project was really exciting as we got to work with a renowned company and had the choice to make a collection of cards. This was a different experience to just pattern designing, so I enjoyed it a lot as I love creating my own characters, products and illustration! My theme was circus inspired as I thought this would be a really fun and exciting concept for the children's market. I designed 8 different cards with the animals doing the tricks. I incorporated bright, neutral colours with 4 different animals to appeal to both genders. To make an extra fun, interactive element with a unique concept to my cards, I incorporated finger puppets, flaps, pockets, decoupage and a colour me in page inside so it has other uses after it is used for a birthday card. Everything I did was made by hand. We were also asked to make a new product development and I decided to make one of my cards turn into a mini puppet show at the back which the finger puppets can be used for. Overall I was really happy with my products as I felt they fitted well within the market I aimed to. Another element I included in this project was to give each character a different personality and wrote a poem. This could then be the basis for my next children's book!

I've had the desire to have my own business for as long as I can remember now. When I started to practice and become competent with the Adobe suite, it became clear to me I should write and illustrate my own children's book. I have always loved writing stories and poems, therefore each page rhymes also. My story depicts a young fox named Millie who has a busy day of ballet and swimming class, and picnic with her friends. When it begins to go dark, Millie has to make her way home, but she fears the dark. To help her home, glow in the dark beings light up and guide her through her journey. These glow in the dark and fearing the dark elements formed a huge inspiration for my project 'who's afraid of the dark?' featured in this portfolio. I plan to put my book up on amazon to sell as an e-book and I hope to promote it at New Designers.