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Wang Shuming
Contemporary Crafts MA MFA

University for the Creative Arts Farnham

Specialisms: Jewellery / Contemporary Craft / Silversmithing

Location: Suzhou, China

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Wang Shuming

Wang Shuming ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Wang

Last Name: Shuming

Specialisms: Jewellery / Contemporary Craft / Silversmithing

Sectors: Fine Art/Photography/Craft / Fine Art/Photography/Craft / Fine Art/Photography/Craft

My Location: Suzhou, China

University / College: University for the Creative Arts Farnham

Course / Program Title: Contemporary Crafts MA MFA


I try to be an average human being. Normal people consume their time on studying, work, marriage and family in their lives. However, it is still hard for me to reach the goal of the ordinaries. Anxious, is a part of my character. I tried to challenge, and overcome my panic, and in the end, I chose to live with it. Therefore, it is vital to handle the present and accompany the present people. I can't predict the external environment, but being realistic and keeping pace with The Times can solve some of the anxiety.

Sumi-paper, stainless steel, silver My strange little behaviours gradually erode my life. I can't stop wondering whether I could really handle relationships. Tension, anxiety and these emotions prevent me from maintaining a long-term relationship. I try to fix myself so I create my installations. When I put on my devices, I'm not sure if they're tortures or comforters.