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Xara Griffiths
Fashion Design BA Hons

Birmingham City University

Specialisms: Menswear / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles /

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Xara Griffiths

Xara Griffiths ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Xara

Last Name: Griffiths

Specialisms: Menswear / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

University / College: Birmingham City University

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design BA Hons


I am BA Fashion Design Graduate from Birmingham City University and spend a lot of my time exploring fashion. I know it is my passion in life and I am willing to work extremely hard to get into this industry.

My Final Major Project started knowing I wanted to try and create an ethical, eco-friendly collection. My concept developed from three key words. The word sustainability was the first I researched, collecting information on ethical processes and sourcing beautiful fabrics created with no harm to the environment or industry workers. To build on my design work I looked into overconsumption, the way humans are greedy, how we want too much and the effects this has on the earth. Further researching overpopulation which is the root cause of overconsumption. If there was a smaller population in the world, there would be less harm to it. This led me to look at nomads, who lead a minimalistic lifestyle, with very few possesions, being happy with what they do have. My collection brings together all the elements I discovered through my research, leading me to create as much an eco-friendly and sustainable collection, that I could possibly achieve.

This is a diffusion range of my main collection, based on the same research but looked at from a different viewpoint. Aimed at men of all ages, it is a casual, relaxed collection with a slimmer silhouette and more affordable fabrics.


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Menswear Apparel

I began this project knowing I wanted to work out of my comfort zone within my choice of concept. In my previous collections, I have chosen concepts that don’t involve emotions. This time I wanted to find artists who created work based on emotions and I wanted to connect to that and design from it. By choosing to involve myself with my designs this way was a different process for me as I tried to understand how an emotion could be portrayed through clothing. This led me to be designing a UNISEX collection aimed toward an attitude rather than an age range or gender. Someone who wants to present themselves in whatever way they please, are confident in themselves and live for themselves. They aren’t afraid to be judged and choose clothes that they feel comfortable in. They don’t conform to clothing that is on trend and is expected of them to wear, which is why I want to do a unisex collection to show that any gender can wear any style of clothing, it’s all about attitude and frame of mind. Also displaying that emotions are for everyone and clothing is for everyone.