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Yu Ling Chou
Knitwear Design Mfa

Academy of Art University

Specialisms: Menswear / Textiles - Knit / Apparel

Location: San Francisco, United States

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Yu Ling Chou

Yu Ling Chou ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Yu Ling

Last Name: Chou

Specialisms: Menswear / Textiles - Knit / Apparel

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: San Francisco, United States

University / College: Academy of Art University

Course / Program Title: Knitwear Design Mfa


My name is Yu Ling Chou, I'm a student study in Academy of art university. My major is menswear with knitwear design. In this Made & Crafted competitions, I try to demonstrate of the ideal with more functional streetwear. Since my major is knitwear, so I cooperate some knit details into my design, even combine the woven with knit together.This is my goal, with experiment more difference between knit and woven. I want to unit with there characteristics more interest and special.

My key points of design are more focus on the practicability wear and construction detail of my design. Initially, my concept came from schizophrenia and mirror reflection. I want to use two different side of perspective and transform ideas put into my design, moreover two different way to demonstrate the wear ideas also. The identity of my focus point is that drives the look more like an active and streetwear. It speaks more of the style as a matching set for a new take on double layer fabric. Part of the design details we can turn into with pocket or a bomber jacket change into a sleeveless jacket. Silhouettes come in either fitted or upsized boxy shapes and pockets. Also the knit design spot , I combined the woven and knit into a garment as well. Overall, the collection are more tried and tested as I want more experimental, practical wear.