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Zartasha Arif
Fashion Design BA Hons

Birmingham City University

Specialisms: Apparel

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Zartasha Arif

Zartasha Arif ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Zartasha

Last Name: Arif

Specialisms: Apparel

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

University / College: Birmingham City University

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design BA Hons


Graduate from Birmingham City University in Fashion Design BA (Hons).

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Inspired by collage artist Ernesto Artillo, who creates work based on important events in his life. I re-created my own collages by collaging my mother in laws pictures as a starting point for the textiles and design work for this collection. The colour palette reflects the contemporary mood, intricate compositions with contrasting contents, and abstract prints patterns. I wanted to create looks that moved seamlessly between eastern and western realms.


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‘A Woman Like Her’ collection is based on Qandeel Baloch’s life — a woman who was honour killed by her brother at 26 years of age in Shah Sadar Din, Pakistan. I wanted to do this collection to celebrate her life and bring to limelight what change she brought to this world. This change reaches far and wide. It spans from a change in the honour killing the law, now named the ‘Qandeel Law’, causing those found guilty of murder "on the pretext of honour" to be sentenced to life imprisonment. At her core, she acted as a voice for women and stood to protect her freedom of expression. This has all compounded to create awareness regarding honour killing in Pakistan but also in the world. The collection features colours and silhouettes inspired by her modelling career and daily life.Tailoring is used to show women empowerment. Subtle money prints have been created from the Pakistani rupee to showcase that she was the breadwinner of the family. Furthermore, a combination of sheer, lightweight fabrics are used for layering and draping inspired by the clothing Baloch has often been pictured in.