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Ariadna Sala Nadal
Fashion BA Hons

ELISAVA Barcelona

Specialisms: Product Design / Graphic Design /

Location: Barcelona, Spain

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ELISAVA Barcelona

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Ariadna Sala Nadal

Ariadna Sala Nadal ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Ariadna

Last Name: Sala Nadal

Specialisms: Product Design / Graphic Design

Sectors: Product / Architecture / Interiors / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Barcelona, Spain

University / College: ELISAVA Barcelona

Course / Program Title: Fashion BA Hons


My name is Ariadna Sala, and I am a graphic and product design student at Elisava, Barcelona. I define myself as a sensitive and dynamic person, always ready to reflect. I am passionate about art, poetry and learning from different cultures. My current goal is to develop the tools that will allow me to bond the boundaries between product, graphic design and illustration.

BALISA: Therapeutic tool for ADULT survivors of child sexual abuse

Balisa is a therapeutic tool that accompanies and supports survivors of child sexual abuse during the healing process. Balisa provides a series of pieces that facilitate communication between psychologists and survivors through the volume representation of the emotions experienced during the healing process. Each emotion is linked to a piece, which are stacked together and form a beacon that the person takes home with the aim of following their emotional management independently and delimiting a safety zone in their home. Unlike other issues treated in psychological therapy, there are currently no tools available to help manage the trauma caused by child sexual abuse. That is why during the research and experimentation process, there has been a collaboration with survivors and psychologists specialized in this subject, in order to design the tool. This project reflects on the role of design in the contribution of resources for the improvement of this problematic. At the same time, contributes in the visibility and communication of this taboo, necessary actions for its eradication. Collaborative Book Link: More projects on Instagram: @arisvla