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Britton Kroessler
Design Products MA

Royal College of Art

Specialisms: Product Design / Digital Manufacturing / Art Management

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Royal College of Art

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Britton Kroessler

Britton Kroessler ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Britton

Last Name: Kroessler

Specialisms: Product Design / Digital Manufacturing / Art Management

Sectors: Product / Architecture / Interiors / Product / Architecture / Interiors

My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Royal College of Art

Course / Program Title: Design Products MA


I am a playful designer, whose work and process is informed and centered around having fun. I design to make myself smile, and like to design objects and clever interactions that reflect the fun I have while making them. This fluidity in playfulness is supported and made possible by an extensive background in technical production, creative insights, and analytical logistics. In my former community of Providence, Rhode Island I had gained a reputation for being a relentless problem solver and the go-to person for complex issues with no clear solution. My colleagues and clients routinely rely on my ability to mold problems to attainable solutions, willingness to adapt to new fields or methods, and improvisational reflex in the face of obstacles. Past work has ranged from toy startups, performance textile developers, puppet performance troupes, maritime camera manufacturers, academic institutions, and anyone with an odd one-off project that requires unconventional expertise.

Wiggel is an award-winning flexible play system that uses silicone joints to create wiggly and bouncy structures and shapes. The flexibility introduces an element of problem solving and structural planning to make shapes that will stand on their own. Whereas other construction systems can be played with alone, Wiggel benefits more from collaborative play, where more hands and minds can make the ideation and building of complex structures easier. The system also includes modules that allow a new way to engage playfully with the environment by attaching to surfaces and furniture. Wiggel's unique flexibility provides an opportunity to explore the concepts of weight, stability, structural integrity, shock absorption, tension, expansion, and compression. Its versatility sparked the imagination of playtest participants, and they were often fully engaged in figuring out the rules and function of the system on their own. It offers a challenge to the usual modes of constructive open play. It introduces lessons on structural stability, compression, and tension, while also having an element of unexpected kinetic charm. It benefits greatly from collaboration of multiple hands and creative minds. Winner of the 2022 Core77 Design Awards, Sports & Recreation Student Award + Community Choice Prize.