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Emilie Palle Holm
Textile Design MA

The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås

Specialisms: Textile Innovation/Textile Art / Textiles - Weave / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås

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Emilie Palle Holm

Emilie Palle Holm ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Emilie

Last Name: Palle Holm

Specialisms: Textile Innovation/Textile Art / Textiles - Weave / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles


My Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

University / College: The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås

Course / Program Title: Textile Design MA


I am a textile designer fascinated by and specialized in the systematic universe of the loom and the iterative process of weaving. This process is an intricate combination of rationality and intuition, that is simultaneously controlled and uncontrollable. While the loom and the warp set-up dictate boundaries, these can be challenged and manipulated in an exploratory and innovative approach. In my work, I aim to create dynamic, complex textile interactions between color, material, and ornamentation, with strong haptic and visual appeals. By means of the textile interactions, I aspire to evoke people’s curiosity by breaking with the prevalent expectations of the textile material as to the aesthetical, functional, and technical expression, while urging people to enter a physical and sensuous exploratory dialogue with the textiles in a digitalized world. I believe that the aesthetical, sensuous experience, that unfolds when interacting bodily with textiles possesses a great communicative, educational, and sustainable value, while making the spectator aware of and appreciate textile craftsmanship. 

Taking a starting point in the ancient practice of origami, ORIORI explores the forming potential of three-dimensional jacquard woven origami structures by utilizing contemporary weaving technologies. Furthermore, the project investigates how visual transformability properties can be embedded in the three-dimensional constructions, by implementing contrasting elements within the form-related aspects of shape, texture, color, pattern, and scale in order to enhance the experience of transformation. ORIORI provides a method to generate jacquard woven three-dimensional surface structures and self-supporting textile forms, by utilizing origami structures as a fundamental construction principle. The collection is showcasing a series of dynamic, self-supporting, and fully-woven constructions in which a variety of contrasting form components provide dynamic visual transformation activated by either movement around the forms or manipulation of the forms themselves. Each piece is created from a rectangular two-dimensional woven textile which is transformed into a three-dimensional form by folding the textile following the predetermined structural folding lines embedded in the construction of warp and weft threads. By suggesting a new approach to the embedment of form-transformative mechanisms
in woven textiles, ORIORI contributes to the field of three-dimensional weaving, while utilizing the loom as a dynamic forming tool. The word origami derives from the Japanese words ori [to fold] and kami [paper]. Ori additionally describes a woven cloth, thereof the title: ORIORI :: folding woven textile