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Jack Allfrey
Product & Furniture Design BA Hons

Kingston School of Art

Specialisms: Product / Architecture / Interiors / Furniture / Product Design

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Kingston School of Art

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Jack Allfrey

Jack Allfrey ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Jack

Last Name: Allfrey

Specialisms: Product / Architecture / Interiors / Furniture / Product Design


My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Kingston School of Art

Course / Program Title: Product & Furniture Design BA Hons


I am a recent graduate from Kingston School of Art, specialising in furniture design.

My work is rooted in a design-through-making approach, with a passion for the workshop environment. I actively embrace exploring, experimenting, and fully engaging with materials and their processes which drive my projects in a positive direction.

Halved is a lounge chair which showcases the production of a desirable and comfortable birch plywood product while maintaining cost-efficiency in response to the high price of birch plywood. The design optimises the CNC machining process to achieve efficient production. Its distinct visual identity is achieved through notable halving joints in the back legs and consistent protruding features throughout the design, resulting in a unified and appealing product. The Halved lounge chair is accompanied by a side table which complements the visual language of the lounge chair. All the components for the lounge chair and side table cleverly nests within half a sheet of plywood (1220x1220mm), maximising the efficient use of the material. The use of hex head countersunk bolts and threaded insert nuts allow for quick assembly of the lounge chair and side table after being CNC machined, further increasing production efficiency and allows for components to be easily replaced if broken. The projects scope allows for the components to be cut from different coloured melamine faced plywood allowing for the combination of different coloured components, creating a more unique customisable design.

The Crushed shelf is a shelving system stemming from extensive material exploration into steel tube flattening. Tube flattening refers to the process in industry of creating flat junctions in steel tubes in order to affix it to a flat surface. The Crushed shelf takes advantage of this cost-effective process to create a unique inclusive design. The flattened junctions in the tube allow for the crushed steel uprights to seamlessly slot into the shelves for ease of assembly, creating a strong and visually appealing joint. Since this joint provides the structural integrity for the shelf, there is no requirement for additional cross bracing. This directs focus towards the crush joint, effectively highlighting the tube flattening process as a celebrated feature.