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Marta Casagrande
Illustration & Animation BA Hons

Kingston School of Art

Specialisms: Illustration / Animation / Interactive / Motion

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Kingston School of Art

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Marta Casagrande

Marta Casagrande ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Marta

Last Name: Casagrande

Specialisms: Illustration / Animation / Interactive / Motion


My Location: London, United Kingdom

University / College: Kingston School of Art

Course / Program Title: Illustration & Animation BA Hons


I am an artist and illustrator based in London. I am deeply interested in the possibilities of image making, animation and physical creation to describe imaginary worlds and tell stories about representation and human interactions. I am passionate about how we see things, and relate to each other across different cultures and backgrounds. My artistic pursuits are centered around sparking meaningful dialogues that transcend societal norms and stereotypes, including the way we connect with our own bodies.  I'm all about bringing images to life: my recent work comprises experimentations with laser cutting, 3d modelling and 3d printing, mechanical toy design and digital illustration. 

Our body is an incredible machine! In this surreal amusement park inspired by anatomical images, the raids assume the shapes of characters and the organs become spaces to climb, ride and experience. Amovement Park aims to inspire people to exercise to have fun, build community, escape depression, and become stronger for life. Celebrating different bodies and different stories, this project is also a response to the toxic aesthetic representation in the fitness world. The illustrations are made digitally. Durga is realised with laser-cut process, Hoodie is sculpted in polymer clay, Sandwina is 3d sculpted and 3d printed. The sculptures move thanks to motors controlled by an Arduino.