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Megan Selway
Photography Undergraduate

Arts University Plymouth

Specialisms: Photography

Location: Somerset, United Kingdom

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Arts University Plymouth

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Megan Selway

Megan Selway ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Megan

Last Name: Selway

Specialisms: Photography


My Location: Somerset, United Kingdom

University / College: Arts University Plymouth

Course / Program Title: Photography Undergraduate


Megan Selway is a graduate photographer, currently living in Somerset. She first started photography at the age of 13, travelling around Somerset where she captured wildlife, landscape and architectural images. Her interests in photography are focused on documentary and travel, where she is intrigued to transfer a voice to an audience through her photography. Her photography usually narrates herself through documentary images, where the work relates to emotions that an audience can connect with personally and feel a sense of safety through the images. Her current body of work is a series of documentary images, focusing on self-healing from a childhood trauma that continues to play on her mind.

The way starlings move



The Way Starlings Move is a visual exploration of Selway's emotions as she delves into themes of grief. Loss has many faces and occurs under many circumstances, but for Selway, the work surrounds the loss of a father who left when she was nine and who never contacted her again. After 11 complex years of felt absence, the artist determines to address her grief and to move forward into life with deeper resolution and a sense of healing.