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Responsible Fashion Design Initiative

Responsible Fashion Design Initiative

8th May 2021


Meet the Winners in ARTSTHREAD Responsible Fashion Design Initiative in collaboration with LENZING Fibers, Inc and TINTEX Textiles.

Selected as a winner to work with LENZING Fibers, Inc

Daniella Efrat - 2020 graduate from Holon Institute of Technology

Shrusti Patel - 2020 graduate from Seneca College

Selected as a winner to work with TINTEX Textiles

Ashutosh Panda - 2021 graduate from Pearl Academy Delhi

Lucy Miller - 2021 graduate from Edinburgh College of Art

It appears that the word sustainable is becoming an overused term that the industry and the media use on a daily basis and is threatening to become meaningless to consumers.

It may be more appropriate that we use the term responsible design - as it could resonate more strongly with the fashion community and the consumer.

ARTSTHREAD in collaboration with LENZING Fibers, Inc and TINTEX Textiles is calling on the next generation of fashion designers worldwide to show us your current or previous research* and end of year projects that push the boundaries of design.

* We understand that this initiative will be only relevant for those who are already working in this way.

ARTSTHREAD wants to showcase work that integrates sustainability as part of your design strategy. We are proud to launch an educational fashion design showcase that supports creativity and encourages responsible design practices. The goal of this challenge is to allow participants to learn from industry professionals. This challenge serves to further connect a community of like-minded thinkers and encourage them to embrace “sustainability” as a responsible way to design.


As part of this challenge, ARTSTHREAD understands the value of professional mentorship and will provide an educational opportunity to learn about responsible design, and engage with industry leaders.

To help guide you towards your goals ARTSTHREAD will provide a series of interactive educational sessions via ARTSTHREAD’s Instagram LIVE for the next generation of responsible fashion & textile designers:

- Friday, March 12 – 2:00PM London/15.00 Milan/09.00AM NYC - Responsible Design Strategies: James Mendolia

- Wednesday, March 17 – 1:00PM London/14.00 Milan/09.00AM NYC – From Forest to Fiber with Tencel TM: Josh Reed, Business Development Manager for RTW in North America for LENZING Fibers, Inc

- Tuesday, March 23 - 2PM London/15.00 Milan/10.00AM NYC – How Do We Renew Sustainable Values?: Jackie Andrews Udall Sustainability Strategist Clerici Tessuto

- Wednesday, April 07 4:00PM London/17.00 Milan/11.00AM NYC – A Holistic Approach to Creating Knit Textiles: Ricardo Silva, CEO, TINTEX Textiles

- Thursday, April 22nd 4:00PM London/17.00 Milan/11.00AM NYC – Making your brand more sustainable: Jonathan Cheung Advisor & Collaborator to Pangaia, Bolt Threads, Unspun and Infinited Fiber (ex Head of Levi's Design Innovation & Sustainability)


In addition to providing an excellent opportunity to showcase the winners’ work on ARTSTHREAD's global platform, four winners will have access to the latest developments in responsibly-made fabrics.

World renowned LENZING Fibers, Inc, with the support of KenDor Textiles, will supply two winners (1 x menswear designer and 1 x womenswear designer) with responsibly made woven fabric; each to create three looks, guaranteed to add value and become an excellent addition to a portfolio.

Learn more about LENZING Fibers, Inc. & about KenDor Textiles

World renowned TINTEX Textiles will supply two winners (1 x menswear design and 1 womenswear designer) with responsibly-made knit fabric; each to create three looks, guaranteed to add value and become an excellent addition to a portfolio.
Learn more about TINTEX Textiles


In an effort to make a positive impact on future fashion systems fashion students are challenged to investigate responsible design developments in search of products, practices, technology, techniques and materials that are ethical, have unique characteristics, and respect the planet and its inhabitants.

It is important applicants think about the entire design process; initial concept, materials (man-made, natural, new developments), alternative fibers, dye process, printing process, production process, fashion waste, biodegradable products, growing materials, science, technology, consumer usage and garment life-cycle.

Applicants are asked to consider the current environmental and manufacturing challenges of the fashion and textile industry and showcase their research that has an in-depth focus on one or more of the following key areas:

a. Water Conservation

b. Energy Conservation

c. Climate

d. Circular Economy

e. Ethically Made

f. Responsible Manufacturing Technology

g. Extending the Product Lifecycle

h. Alternative Materials


This educational opportunity provides a fantastic chance for design students to tell the story of their sustainable journey. Applicant’s submissions can feature work from new research, existing design work, or an ongoing project.

Submissions should be a substantial project that can also include current coursework. All entries must include:

● Digital mood board that conveys applicant’s vision;

● Up to 200 word statement (video optional -- 3 min max) that provides an in-depth explanation of your area of focus and clearly explains your sustainable design strategy;

● Apparel design or textile development research is acceptable;

● Fashion designs can be menswear, womenswear, accessories or childrenswear;

● Textile designs can be print, woven, knit, mixed media etc.

● Applicants can submit photographs, videos, digital work or sketches of their designs and research process;


● Sustainability process or technology clearly explained

● Originality

● Innovative approach to sustainability

● Student’s in-depth knowledge of best practice

● The most significant advancement

● Strategic design thinking


  • Open worldwide to anyone studying art and design or who graduated from art and design higher education in 2020.
  • Entrants must be over 18 years old.
  • Entrants cannot be currently employed within a company full-time within the fashion/textile industry.



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Once submitted, the designs will be evaluated by our expert judging panel to establish the winning designers. The winning designers are required to present their work via ARTSTHREAD's global platform.