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15th Jun 2018
17th Jun 2018

Our friends at FASHIONCLASH return this year with FASHIONCLASH Festival 18 with the theme Fashion My Religion! The 10-year anniversary edition of the international and interdisciplinary FASHIONCLASH Festival takes place June 15-17 2018.

More than 150 promising designers and stage performers from countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Finland, Uruguay and many more will take part in the festival. The festival program is composed within a 3-day program The Route: an inspiring pilgrimage along expositions, lectures, theatre-and dance performances and talks. The Fashion Show program takes place on Saturday evening, a spectacular evening where talents of the future will take the stage at the SAM-Decorfrabriek.

The overarching theme Fashion My Religion! boldly divesinto one of the most current themes of the moment; religion. Specifically, the relation between religion and gender, hair style and clothing. FASHIONCLASH dares participants and visitors to research, highlight or break existing religious traditions and taboos by way of using fashion. A call to activism that hopefully inspires a new generation of fashion-makers and lovers to fulfil their role as meaningful as they can.

‘’The meeting between fashion and religion isn’t a new one. Religious idioms and luxuryhave been used for decades by many within fashion. Sometimes just for ethical motives, other times with a dose of criticism. With ‘Fashion My Religion’ we are placing the audience and the designer in an interesting area of tension; fashion versus religionor cutting-edge versus tradition. We take a closer look at cultural expressions of personal, modern meaning and more traditional ones. We place historical absolutes opposite from modern-day fluid truths by really going in on social matters such as, feminism and human rights. Through (fashion)design we dissect the ever-changing awareness around the relationship we have with our environment and come up with new stories and approaches to ‘fashion and religion’.’’ -FC Team

PROGRAM FASHION SHOWS /Saturday evening June 16 SAM-decorfabriek

The perfect opportunity to discover the collections of new, international fashion talents. This year, FASHIONCLASH Festival again offers the stage to designers from all over the globe, such as Alessandro Trincone from Italy, Filipe Augusto from Portugal, Amy Ollett from UK, SorteMaria from Uruguayand Enni Lähderinnefrom Finland. Dutch design talent will be represented very well by Maarten van Mulken, STEVEN VANDERYT, Teun Seuren and many others.

On Saturday night, the 16th of June, the MAFAD Show 2018 will take place showcasing the graduation collections of the MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design) fashion students and the presentation of the CLASH Project #10; out-of-the-box outfits designed by ten non-fashion designers.

Ever since the very first edition, like a tradition, the Clash Projectis presented. In this project FASHIONCLASHchallengesten non-fashion designersand artists to create an out-of-the-box outfit for the catwalk. Participants are, among others, visual artist Caz Egelie, product and footwear designer KristofersRei, product designer Danika van Kaathoven and architect/designer Tim Prins.

After the Shows and before the Party kicks off, several Awardswill be presented. For the fourth time the FASHIONCLASH Festival Talent Award will be presented, The KALTBLUT Magazine Award and the CHAPEAU Magazine talent Award to best MAFAD graduate student.

FASHIONCLASH is known for the thrilling cross-overs with theatre and dance. This year, the SAM-Decorfabriek will be perceived as ‘performing space’ in which designers can not only present their work, but also, more than ever, are challenged to present their work to the audience in a performative manner. Inspired by the theme, Studio AKATAK will create a concept for the space and scenography.

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The FASHIONCLASH Festival is open to everyone and mostly for free (excl. catwalk shows). Tickets for the shows are on sale from €12.50 (online presale) and € 15,-/students € 5, – (door sales).

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