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Alma Lion
Jewelry Design BDes


Specialisms: / Jewellery / Film

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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Alma Lion

Alma Lion ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Alma

Last Name: Lion

Specialisms: / Jewellery / Film

Sectors: / Fine Art/Photography/Craft / Digital/Visual Communication/Film

My Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

University / College: Shenkar

Course / Program Title: Jewelry Design BDes


Jewelry Design BDES at Shenkar College of Engineering, art and Design.

Across the land- The material culture is not merely a survival tool, but a testament to our values and identity, as individuals and as a society. In my exploration of responsible alternatives, I have wandered across the land, and researched simple, local, available materials. Basic manipulations - such as grinding, kneading and casting - and a labour-intense and time-consuming process, resulted in 5 necklaces. they are fragile and temporary much like my country's liquid borders and volatile politics. They recount the process of their coming into being, as well as the story of the place we live in, and our identity within it. Materials: Eart, Olive branch, Sand, Tar, sea salt, Rusted steel, Rusted iron and Potsherds Instructed by Ouliel Yael & Eyal Schoenbaum