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Anne Elori Lespade
Accessories Design MA

Institut Français de la Mode IFM

Specialisms: Accessories

Location: Paris, France

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Institut Français de la Mode IFM

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Anne Elori Lespade

Anne Elori Lespade ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Anne Elori

Last Name: Lespade

Specialisms: Accessories


My Location: Paris, France

University / College: Institut Français de la Mode IFM

Course / Program Title: Accessories Design MA



Artistic creation like fashion is a mirror  image of society. After considering the major concerns of society and our planet (exponentially growing population and overcrowding, natural resources decline, climate change etc.), Chaos has been the guideline for my collection design. I let the chaotic process of creation act on me to get a result that was initially even unpredictable to me. First, considering chaos as a future tendency for the society, I wished to help spread a warning message on the necessity for changes. Second, considering scientific chaos as a model for creation via chaos figures as a symbol and via different forms found in Nature that are a result from the effect of some unpredictability (contingency) in the evolution process.