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Aurélie Defez
Bachelor in Design

Design Academy Eindhoven

Specialisms: Design Research / Embroidery / Graphic Design

Location: Ghent, Belgium

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Design Academy Eindhoven

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Aurélie Defez

Aurélie Defez ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Aurélie

Last Name: Defez

Specialisms: Design Research / Embroidery / Graphic Design


My Location: Ghent, Belgium

University / College: Design Academy Eindhoven

Course / Program Title: Bachelor in Design


Aurélie Defez is an artist and designer whose practice is situated between design and research. After a bachelor's degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven, she pursued a master's programme at the École de Recherche Graphique in Brussels. Through her work, she seeks to expose societal issues related to design through the shaping of manifest objects. She has a strong interest in questions concerning the relationship between aesthetics, economics and social issues. By establishing a visual and material language, she wishes to engage in a critical, sometimes ironic, even sarcastic statement on the place and role of designers today. She hopes that these questions will also resonate with others.

In fashion, garments and aesthetics emerging from popular classes have become a model of reference for luxury brands. However, by offering these appropriations at unaffordable prices, these brands confirm their elitist position in the disposition of a legitimate taste. eAt ThE rIcH is a collection of garments that aims to take a satirical look at the commodification of popular cultures. Quotes taken from internet memes are embroidered onto clothing and accessories historically associated with popular classes, creating an ambiguous narrative around these symbols. By combining cheap garments with embroidery, the project aims to challenge a hierarchic organisation of tastes.

Your gentrification scarves

This collection of scarves is inspired from a meme which states: “if you see this [object] in your neighborhood your rent is about to increase”. Through these handcrafted pieces, I aim to acknowledge the fact that designers in Western Europe (would) need to create expensive items in order to sustain themselves financially. However, it also means that the created pieces are only accessible to those with sufficient financial and cultural capital, creating an element of exclusivity. Two layers of shiny fabric cover a layer of fiberfill. The stitching is used to reveal the design. All scarves are handmade using a simple sewing machine.