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Bastiaan Reijnen
Fashion Design BA

ArtEZ University of the Arts

Specialisms: Atelier - Pattern Cutting / Embroidery / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

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ArtEZ University of the Arts

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Bastiaan Reijnen

Bastiaan Reijnen ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Bastiaan

Last Name: Reijnen

Specialisms: Atelier - Pattern Cutting / Embroidery / Sustainable Fashion/Textiles


My Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

University / College: ArtEZ University of the Arts

Course / Program Title: Fashion Design BA


Bastiaan Reijnen graduated in 2023 from ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem - Fashion Design.The 23 year old graduate from Limburg (Netherlands) creates from thematics such as provincial-family herritage, archtetypical garment research and sustainability.This is seen in his 2023 graduation collection named VÓT'TETÈSJ. In this collection Bastiaan shows his design methodology. Here he focusses on the creation of a capsulated society based on a local (Limburgian) folklore legend named 'De Bokkenrijders'. In this collection Bastiaan creates characters through the study of his family and provincial herritage and combines their stories with archetypical garment research from the dutch army (KL). He recreates the bandit story of 'De Bokkenrijders' through the use of deadstock fabrics and donated garments. By using these materials Bastiaan is able to turn scarcity into luxury and portray the inspirational legend in a modern way. Thus creating a provincial portrait through his eyes.

VÓT’TETÈSJ, also known as back pocket in the local dialect of Limburg (Netherlands). The collection is inspired by a local folklore legend named "de bokkenrijders". A bandit group that would travel at night on the back of bucks, raiding churches and committing all sorts of injustices as a response to excise/tenancy duties. The collection represents this 18th century legend in a modern way. Creating a uniform for the new generation of Buck-riders by turning scarcity into luxury. The collection consists of reworked textiles found at antique markets, dead stock fabrics and donated garments that have been hand repaired and-or embroidered. By mixing classical workwear elements, naturally decayed fabrics/garments, and hand-embroidery-reparation techniques I challenge our current view of luxury in fashion. finding quality in archetypes which are often overlooked due to their status in society (Working class) and making them with handmade detailing usually associated with Haute Couture. Thus, creating a new kind of luxury.