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Bea Brücker
Fashion MA

Royal College of Art

Specialisms: Sustainable Fashion/Textiles / Fashion Technology / Textile Innovation/Textile Art

Location: Berlin, Germany

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Royal College of Art

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Bea Brücker

Bea Brücker ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Bea

Last Name: Brücker

Specialisms: Sustainable Fashion/Textiles / Fashion Technology / Textile Innovation/Textile Art

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Berlin, Germany

University / College: Royal College of Art

Course / Program Title: Fashion MA


London-based Fashion Designer Bea Brücker focuses on working with living organisms, digital tools and new technologies in order to create a circular fashion system. After graduating with a biodesigned collection from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in 2018 she was part of the Youth Fashion Summit in Copenhagen, a two-year sustainability programme launched by the UN Global Compact, the Copenhagen Fashion Summit and the Global Fashion Agenda. This inspired her to reflect on her own practice and to continue researching circular fashion systems. Her work has been displayed at multiple exhibitions and shows, including Berlin Fashion Week. While studying at the Royal College of Art in London, Bea interrogated the existing eco-dogma prevalent in the discussion around biodesign in Fashion. Her multidisciplinary approach of combining technologies with biological systems and traditional fashion design practices creates innovative, circular fashion that embodies an alternative to exploitative systems of the fashion industry.

Bea’s work interrogates how the integration of biodesign practices and new fabrication technologies could be used as a tool for an economically and socially liberating design practice. It is an expression of her fascination with the relationship between our natural and digital environments. She combines them through incorporating living organisms, computational design and the development of compostable algae leather, and sees in that combination the potential for a new production framework for the fashion industry. The project „Morphogenesis“ is set in an alternate reality characterized by environmental disasters and social injustice. In this world, biohackers and designers band together to use biofashion as a political design movement, one that empowers through the creation of tools, brings together diverse communities and liberates them from existing neoliberal economic models. The collaborative work in local labs enables independent, sustainable production processes and self-reliance. Photo: Johann Spindler Models: E. Durotolu, L. Wang, K. Ford, A. Nagy Embroidery: In collab. with You Mi Choi Knit: In collab. w. Megan Sharples Jumpsuit: print in collab. w. Meredith Wood Videos: Animation and 3d collaboration: Vincent Goos, Model: Noschka G. Shirazi, Cinematography: Leon Daniel, Assistant: Ronja Lahr