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Bethany Hunt
Textile/Surface Design BA (Hons)

University of Bolton

Specialisms: Textiles for Interiors / Textiles - Print / Design

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

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Bethany Hunt

Bethany Hunt ArtsThread Profile

First Name: Bethany

Last Name: Hunt

Specialisms: Textiles for Interiors / Textiles - Print / Design

Sectors: Fashion/Textiles/Accessories / Fashion/Textiles/Accessories

My Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

University / College: University of Bolton

Course / Program Title: Textile/Surface Design BA (Hons)


I’m a recent graduate with a love for traditional and contemporary image making who is looking for the opportunity to utilise and home my skills as an effective surface patterns designer. I enjoy experimenting with illustrative details combine with hand painted textures and mark making with nostalgic colour palettes to create graphic prints and patterns indented for both interior and paper products. I have a strong passion and ambition for design, i am quick to pick up new skills and always enthusiastic to learn more. I work effective in a team environment in addition to working independently without supervision. Organized and reliable, i strive with ability to manage my time effectively to meet tight deadlines. Come say hello at New Designers, London for Part 1 from June 28th till June 30th at stand T21.

Soft modern fuses traditional colours with graphic and metallic details creating a contemporary design for living spaces that’s serene and verdant with an airy atmosphere. Soft modern is a combination of materials, texture, shape, line and colour. Inspired by matt clay colours with a clash of bold metallic accents inspired by Scandinavian design. The collection, created for an interior setting, results in a collection of wallcovering, soft interior furnishings, surface pattern interior products and hard surface pattern products inspired by patterns made during the explorations of the mark-making process. Visually referencing the Scandinavian theme which belongs to modernism, a movement that combines functionality, comfort and minimal design with gentleness and clarity of shape, line and colour. Exhibited at New Designers 2017

Darker design

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Design Product Design

This collection is a range of designs suitable for a particular company and is relevant to the designs which are found on the market today, and also considers what is forecasted for the future. Using a range of sources i was asked to put together market research and colour boards which highlights contemporary designs for wallpapers, paper products, stationary and gift led products, and collect a range of visual imagery to create a thematic starting point based on my chosen theme of darker designs. Darker design is focused on botanicals, florals, insects and birds. Black inky hues are used as a core colour in this collection to create strong prints and patterns on paper and fabric. Large florals create dramatic settings with classic, historical look, while tropical trends also takes a dark twist. Historical still life, botanical illustrations focused on florals and plants are the main focus for this collection.

Natural harmonies derive from nature-asymmetrical designs and freedom to express unrestrained imagination are the key elements of this theme. Being inspired by nature and the visual language of natural history. Water is synonymous with nature, human beings, love and all it’s physical and metaphorical representations. In water there are endless forms and patterns, giving an infinite visual language in which you can express its intricate beauty-waves, ripples, reflections, snowflakes and frost. The depth and warmth of nature’s elements subtly layer, colour and texture within their intrinsic qualities. we mould so much of our surroundings to suit ourselves but at the same time we are subtly moulded in some ways by our environment. the beauty of decay and the effects of the passage of time, fungus and insects within nature’s elements. The collection is focused on florals and plants designed for afternoon English tea, focusing on ceramics, tea towels, glass and napkins.